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Scientists ignore Stephen Hawking’s warning about aliens | Digital Trends Spanish

As part of the Lighthouse in the Galaxy (BITG) project, a group of scientists plans to reveal the location of the Earth in outer space. This message is addressed to any intelligent civilization and ignores a warning made by Stephen Hawking about the risk of contacting aliens.

It is an updated message from the one that was already sent into space in 1974 that also includes graphic representations of human beings, the galaxy and DNA. It also shows the location of our planet in the solar system.

“As an extension of the Arecibo message of 1974 and the Cosmic Call of 1999 and 2003, the BITG contains graphic information in images and alphabets to represent numbers, chemical elements, DNA, the Earth, the oceans, humanity, etc. through numerical data”, explains Matthew Chong, in charge of this transmission.

Ignoring Hawking

In revealing Earth’s location in space, scientists seem to have forgotten a serious warning issued by physicist Stephen Hawking in 2015, which mentioned the dangers of trying to contact an alien civilization.

“If you look at history, contact between humans and less intelligent organisms has often been disastrous from their point of view, and encounters between civilizations with advanced versus primitive technologies have gone poorly for less advanced ones,” he noted. scientific.

The worrying thing, according to Hawking, is that the aliens who discover the signal might “not see us humans as more valuable than we see bacteria”, so trying to make contact with them seems not to be a good idea.

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