Thursday, October 28

“Scoundrel! In Spanish!”, The reaction of a lifeguard in Calp after a bather spoke to him in Valencian

Platform per la Llengua has submitted a claim to the Language Rights Office for a case of linguistic discrimination of a bather in Calp during this summer at the hands of a lifeguard. As explained by the linguistic defense group on August 1, on the beach of La Fosa de Calp, a woman went to a lifeguard to warn him that the fountains for washing feet were not working, and she did so in Valencian, at what the lifeguard replied “in a violent tone”: “In Spanish, ma’am!” Faced with this response, the woman “explained her right to speak Valencian, she considered him rude and left.” However, Plataforma per la Llengua adds that “the lifeguard followed the lady and continued shouting: ‘Scoundrel! In Spanish! He has no shame!'”

Plataforma por la Lengua has filed a claim with the Language Rights Office for the attitude of the lifeguard and has asked the Calp City Council to apply a sanction in accordance with the contract of the service concessionaire company. They also point out from this group that “Valencian is Calp’s own and traditional language and the language used by many of its neighbors (although the majority of residents of the municipal term are foreigners). Consequently, it is included within the municipal terms of Valencian linguistic predominance, according to Law 4/1983, on the Use and Teaching of Valencian “.

In addition, Plataforma per la Llengua has used the section “Obligations and rights of the parties”, of the contract for the provision of services for rescue, first aid and medical transport on the beaches of Calp. Among the obligations of the concessionaire, the following is considered a “serious offense”: “n) To mistreat by word or deed the users of the service”, a fact that they consider to have occurred “in an obvious way” in the case of the bather. Likewise, this contract for lifeguard service in Calp determines that serious breaches by the concessionaire can be sanctioned with a fine of 3,001 to 15,000 euros.

On the other hand, it also recalls the recent resolution of the Síndic de Greuges, which recommends that the Calp City Council guarantee “the right of citizens to address the Administration of the Valencian Community in any of its two official languages ​​and to receive answer in the same language that they have used, in application of article 9 of the Statute of Autonomy of the Valencian Community and in accordance with the principle of anti-formalism, simplicity and efficiency that must preside over all administrative actions “.


On this same case the Valencian Academy of Llengua (AVL) has come to pronounce that it has considered that it is “intolerance” with respect to the user who spoke in Valencian. Thus, he affirms that “attitudes of contempt towards citizens cannot be allowed for speaking in Valencian. Our most absolute condemnation for an act unworthy of a public servant”.