Saturday, June 10

SEC licensed agency assigns BBB investment grade rating to Veritasi Homes

DataPro, a licensed SEC agency, has assigned Veritasi Homes and Properties Limited a long-term investment rating of BBB. Veritasi Homes is a leading real estate and property development company in Nigeria. The triple B (BBB) rating assigned to the company is supported by its experienced management team, good profitability, and strong liquidity.

The rating, issued on 13th January 2022, attributes an acceptable credit quality and financial strength status to Veritasi Homes’. According to Data Pro’s standards, the triple B (BBB) rating indicates that the company’s “capacity for timely payment of financial commitments is adequate.” The rating indicates adequate financial strength, operating performance, and business profile, highlighting its creditworthiness and ability to meet its financial commitment promptly. Overall, the ratings affirm its ability to meet its current obligations.

Veritasi Homes and Properties which has been in operation since 2017, is a premium real estate company specializing in providing advisory and developmental real estate services in Nigeria. The company’s vision is to be a world-class real estate development company driven by value innovation and optimum service to deliver functional homes.