Thursday, August 18

Second former Catalan mayor condemning for disobedience in the 1-O referendum

A Lleida judge has sentenced the former mayor of Alcarràs Miquel Serra to three months of disqualification for a crime of disobedience for having facilitated the holding of the referendum on October 1, 2017 in the municipality. He is the second former mayor of a Catalan town who is convicted of facilitating voting after the conviction of the former mayor of Agramunt and former Foreign Minister Bernat Solé. Two other councilors have been acquitted.

In her sentence, the magistrate of the criminal court 3 of Lleida disqualifies Ros –who no longer holds an elected position– and imposes a fine of 450 euros, a penalty less than one year and three months of disqualification demanded by the Prosecutor’s Office . Serra, who is currently the president of the Regional Federation of ERC of Lleida, can appeal the conviction before the Hearing of Lleida.

During the trial, Serra denied having given the Lo Casino cultural center for the celebration of 1-O and, therefore, having facilitated the holding of the referendum in the municipality. During the trial, Serra also assured that he had not received the requirements of the Government Delegation to prevent it from being carried out and also denied having instructed the citizens to go to vote or how to act if the police came.

However, according to the ruling, it is proven that Serra “with a firm purpose” allowed the referendum to be held in Alcarràs despite being “fully aware” of the resolutions of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) and the Constitutional Court (TC ) that ordered to prevent it, informs the ACN.

The judge considers that “in contravention of the court order” the former mayor agreed that the local municipal Lo Casino be used as a voting point, went there at dawn and resisted the intervention of the Civil Guard in a “persistent and obstinate” way. prevent agents from accessing the premises to comply with the court order to prevent voting.

The former mayor claimed that he was in the front row in front of the Civil Guard to avoid “serious consequences” and protect citizens. But the judge recalls that civil servant disobedience consists of openly refusing to comply with court orders either by action or by inaction, omission or passivity and that Serra’s action was a passive resistance “evident, inert and with a clear will to obstruct the police action “.