Sunday, October 1

Security company warns about metaverse

A cybersecurity firm has warned of identity risks in the metaverse environment. The term emerged several decades ago, but the maturity of current technology allows applications in the metaverse to be finally put into practice.

In this way, several companies and people are already hoping to enter this environment to put their brands in the spotlight.

One of the companies that announced its arrival in the sector was Adidas, which will now be followed by rival Puma, which has also made it clear that it is preparing to enter the sector. The movement gained more strength with the arrival of the ex-Facebook company, now Meta, which is expected to create innovations in the sector.

Despite being considered promising in the field of technology, the risks must be evaluated by users.

Identity risks in the metaverse are many and must be assessed, warns Kaspersky

A Kaspersky published last Tuesday (18) a guide on protecting personal identity in the metaverse environment. For the company, this innovation should bring risks to users who are unaware of these details.

In this way, it is clear that the new technology that is gaining adoption is already showing that not everything is flowers.

One of the points highlighted by Kaspersky is precisely in relation to the theft of people’s identity in the metaverse environment, as well as the hijacking of accounts by login.

If this occurs, a user’s account could be used by attackers to blackmail the victim, steal money associated with her metaverse account, or even use the avatar to approach acquaintances and ask for coins as payment.

The company also warns of social engineering schemes in the metaverse, especially those related to virtual dating. How these applications should be created, as Tinder has already announced that it intends to do, for example, this carries risks with the practices of catfishing, stalking and doxing.

Blockchain related issues?

Some of the most famous metaverses today are linked to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, among many others. As such, Kaspersky warns that people should protect their wallets to access these environments, which can pose some identity risks.

Another risk that the company preaches with caution has to do with privacy, since these metaverses will be environments for social interactions and, therefore, it is essential to protect personal data.

Finally, the risk must be considered by parents who let their children access metaverse environments, as children are easy victims for potential metaverse offenders. With these issues identified and mitigated, people will be able to enter industry platforms more securely.