Sunday, July 3

See the Iraqi city that reappeared after 3,400 years | Digital Trends Spanish

An awesome archaeological find It was found in Iraq after the lowering of the Tigris River allowed the Mosul dam to lower its level to reveal a lost city that dates back at least 3,400 years.

The discovery is located in the archaeological site of Kemune, in northern Iraq, according to communicated the University of Tübingen (Germany).

According to the researchers, the recent find could be the ancient city of Zakhiku, belonging to the era of the Mittani empire, which existed approximately between 1550 and 1350 BC. c.

During the exploration a palace was found, which was previously documented in 2018, in addition to other buildings, including a massive fortification, as well as a huge multi-story warehouse and industrial complex.

Ivana Puljiz, an archaeologist at the University of Freiburg, commented that the monumental storage building was “of particular importance” as it must have contained “enormous amounts of merchandise, probably brought from all over the region”.

Five ceramic vessels containing more than 100 clay tablets with cuneiform writing, dating to the Middle Assyrian period, were also found.

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