Thursday, October 28

Seismic activity reactivates on La Palma and moves south while emissions cease at Cumbre Vieja

The seismic activity has been reactivated this Monday morning on the island of La Palma and has moved south from the eruption zone, with 16 earthquakes located in the north of Fuencaliente, according to the National Geographic Institute (IGN) These episodes coincide with an apparent stoppage in the Cumbre Vieja volcano, which has temporarily stopped emitting lava, smoke and ash, at the same time as a significant fall in the volcanic tremor.

The most intense earthquake, 3.2 mbLg, was located at 06.05 hours and at a depth of 10 kilometers, and in general, all are above magnitude 2 and at depths ranging between 9 and 13 kilometers.

Scientists analyze this paralysis of emissions in Cumbre Vieja and from Involcan they point out that in the last hours the volcanic tremor “has almost disappeared”, as well as the explosive strombolian activity.

The IGN explained this Sunday that four earthquakes with magnitudes between 2.3 and 2.6 (mbLg) and depths between 8 and 13 kilometers were located at the base of the intrusion that preceded the volcanic eruption since 12 noon. The amplitude of the volcanic tremor at low frequencies (0.5-0.7Hz) decreased considerably in all the island’s stations starting at 12.00, but it has remained in a similar range to that of the previous day (Saturday) in the band frequencies (1-5Hz). However, this Monday the volcanic tremor collapsed.