Monday, October 18

Seismicity increases on La Palma: 40 earthquakes were located this Friday, one of magnitude 3.8

Seismicity on the island of La Palma has been increasing in the last 24 hours, both in the number of earthquakes and in their magnitude, after the decrease observed in recent days, according to updated information from the Department of National Security (DSN).

The ash cloud from the volcano leaves La Palma airport inoperative and causes delays and diversions in Tenerife North this Friday

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This morning the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located 40 seismic movements on the island, one of them of magnitude 3.8, at a depth of 36 kilometers, under the municipality of Fuencaliente, in which 33 of these 40 earthquakes have been located. , and the rest in Villa de Mazo.

Representatives of Pevolca are going to meet with residents of both municipalities to explain to them what to do in the event of an evacuation, but above all to reassure them, since nothing suggests that a new emission center will emerge separate from the volcanic cone.

All these movements continue to occur in medium and deep foci, so “currently there is no parameter that indicates the opening of a new emitting center at a distance from the currently active cone,” according to the DSN.

20 days of volcanic eruption

On the twentieth day of the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, scientists and experts are still watching the evolution of lava emissions, after yesterday a branch of the main stream was opened that has separated from the route followed by this and it has fallen into the lava delta of the eruption that occurred in 1949, between Los Guirres and El Charcón.

This branch has destroyed more banana crops, as well as deposits and some buildings.

In the last hours there has also been a worsening of the air quality due to the strong thermal inversion at low elevations, between 600 and 700 meters of altitude, and to the weak winds that hinder the dispersion of pollutants.

The wind direction directs the ash plume and sulfuric acid towards the east, which has had direct implications on the operation of the La Palma airport due to the fall and accumulation of ash. This situation, according to Pevolca experts, could continue until Saturday.

The area affected by lava already reaches 431.2 hectares. Along the way, in addition to homes and crops, the magma has also buried 26.47 kilometers of carts.

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