Thursday, December 2

Seismicity plummets on La Palma in recent hours

The earthquakes on La Palma, in the early hours of this Friday, November 12, compared to the last few days, have subsided significantly. From 00:00 to 05:47, only 7 earthquakes have been recorded on the island. It is one of the smallest figures, in a similar period, of tremors of the seismic swarm associated with the eruptive process that began on September 19.

Specifically, this Friday three earthquakes have been located in the municipality of Villa de Mazo and 4 in Fuencaliente. The largest, of magnitude 3.3 on the mbLg scale, has been registered by the Volcanic Surveillance Network of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in Villa de Mazo, at 5:47 am, at a depth of 39 kilometers.

The magnitude of the tremors has ranged between 2.4 and 3.3 and the depth between 8 and 39 kilometers.

In the report of the Scientific Committee of the Special Plan for Civil Protection and Attention to Emergencies due to Volcanic Risk of the Canary Islands (Pevolca) yesterday, Thursday, an increase in seismicity was found at depths greater than 20 kilometers, both in number and magnitude.

In this sense, María José Blanco, spokesperson for the Scientific Committee and director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in the Canary Islands, explained that the number of locations at these depths in the last 24 hours has been the highest since the beginning of the eruption. In contrast, seismicity at intermediate depths remains low compared to previous weeks. The maximum magnitude recorded was 5.0 mbLg at a depth of 36 km, felt with maximum intensity IV-V (EMS).

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