Wednesday, March 22

Senator from Mexico congratulates El Salvador’s bitcoin model and wants to take it to the country

Key facts:
  • Kempis believes that bitcoin would allow Mexico to be prosperous economically and inclusively.

  • The senator sees BTC as the solution to eliminate inequality for the unbanked.

The Mexican senator for Nuevo León, Indira Kempis, returned to the country on January 19 after her visit to El Salvador. The trip allowed him to closely observe the adoption of bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender in the country and to ratify his support for the cryptocurrency, as can be seen in the posts he shared on his Twitter account during his stay there.

One of the messages issued was: “Bitcoin could represent one of the most important inventions if it continues to support the financial inclusion of countries.” He also stressed that “Mexico cannot be left behind” in this.

An example of how bitcoin includes people outside the banking system is Karen, a Salvadoran worker who sells food on the street, said the senator.. The young woman caught the attention of Indira Kempis and showed in a video that at her street stand she accepts bitcoin payments with a QR code that her customers can scan.


This is a story of financial inclusion for women, said the senator, who said that bitcoin gives “prosperity and freedom for all.” Seeing her experience motivated her to tell: «In every young working woman I recognize the effort to «get ahead». We deserve financial inclusion and an economy that decentralizes money.”

Senator from Mexico Indira Kempis took a photo with Karen, the Salvadoran who prepares food on the street and accepts payments in bitcoin. Fountain: Twitter.

Indira Kempis believes that the adoption of bitcoin in Mexico would end inequality

During his visit in El Salvador, The senator met with different businessmen to learn about their transition to the adoption of bitcoin. Some of them were Rafael Barraza, the president of Banco Agrícolas, and Carlos Calleja, the vice president of Grupo Calleja, which owns the Los Super Selecto supermarket chain.

He also met with government agents, such as the Nuevas Ideas parliamentary group. This is the political party of President Nayib Bukele, whom the senator thanked publicly via Twitter for opening the doors and sharing her vision.

Among several of the tweets she made on the subject, the senator declared: “In El Salvador, a dose of the future is brewing that is not coming, but is. We have to anticipate.” He also reiterated the idea by publishing a series of short messages such as: “the future of finance is digital”, “decentralize everything” and “let’s make Latin America more prosperous, inclusive and free”.

Thus he showed his conviction for promote the adoption of bitcoin in Mexico so that all people can access virtual money transactions without discrimination. As CriptoNoticias reported, long ago Indira Kempis had questioned why Mexico does not get involved anymore with the financial innovation that bitcoin has unleashed.

Indira Kempis met with the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador. Fountain: Twitter.