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Send us your questions about the UPS BVX700LI-GR from Schneider Electric: participate in the raffle and this UPS can be yours

Uninterruptible Power Systems or UPS can be very useful, since if the power goes out in your house you will be able to keep the device you use on for a few minutes to turn it off properly. The BVX700LI-GR from Schneider Electric is one of the reference models, and if you have doubts about it, you can end up taking one thanks to our contest. You will only have to send your questions to the Instagram post in which we carry out the draw.

Before I start explaining everything to you, I want to emphasize again that the doubts you have to leave them in the Instagram publication, also completing the rest of the process to participate in the draw. It is not worth leaving doubts in the comments of this post.

How to win a Schneider Electric BVX700LI-GR UPS

Solving your doubts about the UPS BVX700LI-GR from Schneider Electric may have a prize: winning this UPS for you. In order to participate in the raffle, you have to perform a series of steps through the social network Instagram. These are the steps you must follow to participate:

  1. Will follow @xataka and Instagram.
  2. Follow the accounts of @schneiderelectric_es and Instagram.
  3. Leave doubts about the device in the comments of this post.

The participations are unlimited, that is, you can increase your chances of getting the device by posting several questions. Each of them must be done individually. The deadline is November 9, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. (only valid for Spain). Here there is all the information and the legal bases.

UPS or Uninterruptible Power Systems are devices that you plug into the current, and then your computer or the device you want to protect you plug into the UPS. Models like this have several functions, but the main one is to have a small battery so that, if the power goes out, you can keep your devices on for a few minutes. That way, whatever you’re doing won’t cut out all of a sudden.

With this you can save yourself more than one upset. And not only because of how uncomfortable it is when an important meeting is closed without warning due to a blackout. You will also prevent your computer from being improperly shut down and exposed to errors, and you will have time to save files you are working on before shutting down the computer.

In addition to this, the BVX700LI-GR from Schneider Electric also has an automatic voltage regulation system to avoid overloads in the electrical network without having to use the battery, and a led and a quickly silenceable alarm with which you can know the status current network and if there are any problems.

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