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Senior Mexican official uses homeopathy against COVID-19 | Digital Trends Spanish

A high-ranking official of the Mexican government, in charge of one of the main public health institutions, tested positive for COVID-19 and said that he treats his illness with a treatment that a specialist defined as “water with sugar.”

The official in question is Pedro Zenteno Santaella, in charge of the Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers (ISSSTE), the body in charge of providing public health services to workers of the Mexican State.

Good afternoon, I inform you that I tested positive for COVID-19. I am fine with mild symptoms, I am already under homeopathic medical treatment. In a few days I will return to my activities, while I am still on the lookout from home and isolated. A strong hug in the distance.

— Dr. Pedro Zenteno Santaella (@drpedrozenteno) January 29, 2022

“I inform you that I tested positive for COVID-19. I’m fine, with mild symptoms, I’m already under homeopathic medical treatment,” the official said on Twitter on January 29.

The official’s message received criticism from Internet users, as well as from the Mexican epidemiologist Alejandro Macías, who in 2009 coordinated the Mexican government’s efforts to combat the A-H1N1 influenza epidemic.

I clarify that homeopathy is water with sugar and a few drops of alcohol are added.
The alcohol is so that it tastes like medicine.
But in the end it is still a placebo.

— Alejandro Macias (@doctormacias) January 30, 2022

“I clarify that homeopathy is water with sugar and a few drops of alcohol are added. Alcohol is meant to taste like medicine, but in the end, it’s still a placebo,” said the specialist.

Macías considered it irresponsible that an official in charge of a public health institution referred to treating a COVID-19 picture with a type of pseudomedicine not endorsed by the WHO.

Although the agency has not established a clear position on its usefulness in treating diseases such as COVID-19, it has done so against other conditions such as AIDS or malaria.

“No evidence has been found to date that homeopathy has any beneficial effect,” said in 2009 Joe Martinesspokesperson for an agency attached to the WHO.

Despite the statements of the ISSSTE official, Mexico has made significant progress in vaccination against COVID-19.

Data from Johns Hopkins University point out that, as of January 31, 2022, Mexico applied 166,102,210 anticovid vaccines to 77,159,476 people, while reporting 60.48 percent of its population with a complete vaccination schedule. In Mexico, with some exceptions, only those over 12 years old.

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