Monday, October 25

Sentenced to 14 months in prison for killing two kittens in A Coruña

The second section of the Provincial Court of A Coruña has just confirmed a sentence of 14 months in prison for a resident of the city who beat two kittens that lived on the street to death. In addition, he has been disqualified for a period of four years for any profession that is related to the care of animals and to have one in his charge.

The sentence confirms the penalty imposed by the Criminal Court number 2 of A Coruña. The text relates that the events occurred around ten o’clock at night on September 24, 2018 in Eirís de Arriba. The now condemned man began to beat six kittens with a broomstick that were in a burrow in the area and to which the neighbors brought food. A neighbor reproached him for what he was doing and the man “increased the brutality” of the attack. He grabbed two of the animals by the tails, spun them around, “slammed” them into a car and threw them onto a roof. Both pups died.

The judge emphasizes that the condemned man did not stop beating the cats after they caught his attention and considers that this proves his “clear intention to continue until the cats die.”

The sentence comes at a time when details of the draft of the animal rights law have begun to be known, which proposes to prohibit their sale in stores, keep wild specimens in homes and practices such as cockfighting.

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