Saturday, April 1

Serious warning for Macron in the polls on his popularity

Correspondent in Paris



Seventy days short of the first round of the presidential election, 60 percent of the French have bad or very bad opinion of Emmanuel Macron, and 6 out of 10 French people consider their economic policy to be bad or very bad. “Is about a serious warning to the president, victim of a fairly high rejection rate, ”says Frédéric Dabi, CEO of Ifop, one of the main institutes for polling and sociological analysis, stressing that Macron’s re-election is up in the air.

There are other factors of concern for the outgoing president. Voters under 35 and on the left say they have a “good opinion” of Macron. Yet blue-collar workers, farmers, and traditional conservative voters say they’re “disappointed” or take a dim view of it.

Macron is still the candidate who has more voting intentions in the first round next April 10, with 24 percent; followed by Valerie Pécresse (right) and Marine Le Pen (far right), tied at 17 percent; Eric Zemmour (far right), 13 percent; Jean-Luc Melenchon (far left), 10 percent; Christiane Taubira (independent left), 6 percent; Yannick Jadot (environmentalist), 5 percent, and Anne Hidalgo (socialist), with 2 percent.

the great rival

This configuration of the vote in the first round leaves in suspense the result of the second round, on April 24. A majority of French people have bad or very bad opinion of Macron. And, an essential detail, its “reserve” of votes is very fragile: the bulk of conservative or very conservative, ultra-conservative voters, the majority nucleus of French society, lean towards Valerie Pécresse, the conservative candidate, who is making very popular proposals: abolish the inheritance tax, allow an increase in the consultations of doctors and other liberal professions.

Before the second round, Macron is quoted as a sure winner if his rival were Marine Le Pen; on the contrary, Valérie Pécresse is perceived as a fearsome rival with solid chances of choosing in the final lap. We will see.

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