Wednesday, July 6

Seriously injured a woman in Almería after being stabbed by her 83-year-old husband

The National Police of Almería has arrested an 83-year-old man this Saturday after injuring his wife with a knife, who is in serious condition although there is no fear for her life and remains admitted to the Torrecárdenas University Hospital. The events occurred around 3:55 p.m. on Saturday in the vicinity of the well-known Nicolás Salmerón park and the Andalusian Center of Photography, specifically in the Manuel Falces López square.

Reporting sexist violence is not so easy: “You think it’s not such a big deal to take it to trial”

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Police sources have confirmed to Andalucía that the victim, who is also in her eighties, “remains hospitalized, although there is no fear for her life.” An investigation has already been opened to clarify the facts of this new case of gender violence. The detainee, who is in the cells of the Provincial Police Station, could be charged with attempted murder and injury. It is unknown, at the moment, if there were previous complaints for similar events or mistreatment.

The event has taken place when the last sexist crime in Almería is still very recent, which took place on May 27, when a man killed his 50-year-old wife in the municipality of Tíjola. Along with her, three other women have died in Andalusia so far this year at the hands of their partners: in Benajarafe (Málaga), in Montemayor (Córdoba) and in Fuentes de Cesna, a district of Algarinejo (Granada).

230 murders since 2003

Currently, Andalusia accumulates 230 women murdered by gender violence since 2003 and in Spain the number rises to 1,148 since these types of murders began to be counted. Likewise, there are 354 orphaned minors, as collected by the data of the Government Delegation against Gender Violence.

In 2021, 47 women were murdered due to gender-based violence in Spain, in addition there are three more cases under investigation, and eight minors. In the case of Andalusia, there were eight women.

Telephone 016 is the information and legal advice number for victims of sexist violence and those around them. It works 24 hours a day, attends in 52 languages, is free and leaves no trace on the telephone bill, although it may be registered in certain terminals. The service also responds via email [email protected] and pays attention via WhatsApp on 600000016.