Friday, September 30

Settlers of Catan: holographic 3D version of the game arrives | Digital Trends Spanish

For 25 years, the Catan is one of the table games most popular in the world, reaching thousands of homes and crossing various generations. This strategy game has the logic of building your own city and self-government system, seeking territorial expansion.

Now the popular Settlers of Catanwill arrive in holographic 3D augmented reality format, to be able to interact as if you were inside the board.

CATAN – Tilt Five AR | Holograms Arrive on CATAN

In this 3D holographic version of Catan, players can use a kind of wand-shaped controller that allows them to interact with the virtual elements on the board. If you want to know how exactly the invention of Tilt Five you can review the complete guide, but the summary is– Tilt Five’s augmented reality glasses project in-game images onto a retro-reflective game board allowing you to see all elements in 3D.

The new game, which has been dubbed Catan—Tilt Five AR, It’s been almost a decade of development in the hands of Tilt Five —a startup created by a former Valve engineer— and the creators of the original game. From Tilt Five they explain that we will be able to play the game in multiplayer mode or locally with friends, and that we will be able to “interact with the island of Catan in new ways using the Tilt Five Wand and thus see how the island’s wildlife and environment come to life. in a 3D hologram.

The basic kit will cost $359, the version that includes two glasses and two controls will cost $659, and the three will cost $959. You will need a PC to connect to to make it work.

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