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Seven gourmet pâtés whose original flavors are essential in your kitchen

Are you a fan of pâté and would you like to start innovating and try something different? If so, or if you want to start including it in your agapes, here we bring you some types of pate to keep them in your pantry.

At lunch or for a family picnic, but also Italian style with a plate of pasta; although, without a doubt, the star use of pate It is usually in an appetizer accompanied by jam or spread alone on toasted bread.

It does not matter how you have decided to taste it, but what will come in handy is this list of more than seven pâtés whose unique flavors come out of what we are used to.

Pheasant pate with truffles

Pheasant, truffles and oil, these are the ingredients that give personality to this pâté from La Chinata, which is the perfect appetizer to enjoy with a little bread, as well as a good complement to other preparations.

It is tasty and suitable for your health, since its low cholesterol content means that its moderate consumption is not at odds with a healthy diet. Of course, the main recommendation is that you keep it in a cold place and serve it at that temperature so that its nuances stand out to the fullest. 120 g available for 3.80 euros.

tuscan pate

The most traditional aspect of this pâté is its production process: the product of an Italian family business still run by the grandchildren of the founders, it is made following her grandmother’s handwritten recipe book.

For this, chicken liver mixed with vegetables is used with the intention of creating a smooth pâté with a refined flavor. How to eat it? There are several ways: with toast as an appetizer, with artisan bread to give it a more flavorful and sophisticated touch, or with a pasta dish to eat it in the most Italian way possible. This pack of three cans from the Bulk Gourmet Emporium brand is available for 23.34 euros.

black olive pate

La Prieta combines here the flavor of black olives, oil, peppers, garlic and some other spices. Perhaps what makes it so special is its elaboration, since its olives mature in the olive tree of the Sevillian fine manzanilla variety.

In addition, due to its purity, you will not need too much and your dishes –such as canapés, pizza bases, accompaniments to meats or rice dishes and vinaigrettes– will be impregnated with its soft but resounding taste. Without a doubt, it is a good example that gourmet cuisine can be within everyone’s reach, since four units cost 14.96 euros.

Duck pâté with port

The flavor of this Polgri pâté, made mostly with chicken liver and duck meat, is enhanced by the sweet but forceful nuance of port, which makes it a stellar ingredient to eat at a picnic, at a meeting or as a an unexpected and well-deserved aperitif at home.

And although it is probably one of the most classic and common, this delicatessen version is a guaranteed hit and different from the rest, due to the costly production process and the quality of its products. Pack of three units for 13.35 euros.

Black pudding pate

Surely you had thought about innovating in your kitchen and getting away from the typical pâtés, so why not surprise your guests by trying this black pudding? The characteristic and different flavor of its ingredients will make you vary your snacks and it will also work as a source of protein and iron if you consume it in the right amounts.

It goes very well with cheese, with scrambled eggs, with a strip of piquillo pepper or with sweet jams. You can find this one from La Real Carolina for 4.70 euros the unit.

lobster pate

With this pâté from La Chinata, the essence of the sea will reach your table under the mantle of good quality and low caloric intake. It is recommended for a snack spread on bread or with spikes, since its smooth and tasty texture makes it a complete starter without other companions and thus enjoy its flavor.

But that does not mean that using it as a dressing for fish or rice is a bad idea, quite the contrary, because they will surely give an original taste to your recipes. It is advisable to serve this pâté slightly cold as an aperitif, to enhance its nuances in the mouth, while accompanying it with a good late harvest, which will intensify its arrival on your palate. At 8.55 euros the unit.

Truffled deer pâté

The truffled versions of the pâtés are more than varied, and this deer deer Cathedral of hunting is a good example. With a soft and characteristic tone and a fine texture, it lends itself to a variety of styles and recipes, even as an accompaniment to a wild fruit jam with which you will enjoy the sweetness of the jam together with the strong personality of this pâté.

Coming from animals raised in freedom and fed on natural pastures, this mixture of deer meat, liver and pork jowls will take you back to the gastronomic tradition so typical of the Montes de Toledo. The 135 g pot is within your reach for 14.95 euros.

Assorted pâtés

We couldn’t forget about all the undecideds, so here are three short assortment reviews if trying a little bit of everything is what you have in mind. Tuna, salmon, sardine and mackerel are the four flavors that you can find in this burst pack for 18.93 euros.

And if your taste is more towards seafood, in this Secrets of Galicia pâté case you will find for 24.85 euros some such as the sea urchin, crab and mussel pâté accompanied by two bags of rolls to spread.

If none of these quite convinced you, this batch of gorumet Cazorla It combines almost all possible types: wild boar, sirloin, deer, Iberian secret, cherry or partridge, among others. Available for 17 euros.

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