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Seven ideal packs to consume nuts in an original way

In cakes, in chocolate bars, in snacks, in biscuits, in chocolates, in sauces to accompany meat, in salads or as an aperitif. We could continue naming all the meals or desserts in which nuts are essential and we would surely find hundreds of recipes.

But in this case, we bring you a list of nuts that are out of the ordinary and that will give your dishes a more special touch due to the sweetness of their jam, the strength of the spiciness or the texture of the syrup.

Do you want to know more about all these versions that you may not have known about nuts? Here are 7 products that will surprise you with their originality and variety and that will make your recipes and the moment you use them tastier than ever.

one. organic pistachios

A healthy way to enjoy this type of fruit and take advantage of the fiber and vitamin properties of this dried fruit. The process of growing and harvesting these organic pistachios makes them free of additives and preservatives, while preserving their flavor and texture.

Artisanal roasted and grown in Spain, these Pistamed brand nuts come in a box with 16 bags of 35 g each and are available for 16.95 euros. And if you prefer, you can find the version of six boxes without bags for the same price.

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two. Dates stuffed and covered with nuts

Their origin makes them different from the others, because these dates are grown in the Tafilat region in Morocco, but they are also grown in the United States or Mexico. Although their sweetness would perfectly allow you to eat them on their own, the Dorimed brand has chosen to give them a special touch by filling them with quality nuts and giving them a white chocolate, pistachio and coconut coating.

And to complement their flavor and make them even more delicious, we recommend paying homage to their Arab origin by trying them in the company of tea or coffee. The box contains 20 pieces and is available for 17.90 euros.

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3. dried fruit nougat

Although it is believed that nougat is only for the Christmas season, an exception can always be made with this dried fruit. Peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts and pistachios are all that this nougat hides under an external wafer coating that mixes with the sweetness of honey and glucose syrup.

Manufactured in Jijona, this delicacy belongs to the famous Bartolomé brand, a renowned nougat house since 1837. You can find the 70-gram tablet for 6.99 euros.

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Four. Mixed nuts and raisins

The indicated Happy Belly pack for those who do not want to innovate much. This one kg package is an assortment of some of the most consumed nuts such as raisins, hazelnuts, blanched almonds, walnuts and cashews.

In addition to not having added salt and not having to decide on one in particular, they are one of the best options to snack on as an appetizer or even to personalize countless desserts: cookies, cakes, sponge cakes, yogurts or homemade chocolates. It is available for 15 euros.

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5. spicy peanuts

Regulate moods and sleep, protect the heart, control cholesterol and diabetes, benefit the condition of your skin, etc. The benefits of proper consumption of this dried fruit are unknown to many of us.

And if you add to that that they have a good flavor and many possible versions such as spicy, why not take advantage of them? Of course, be careful, because these spicy paprika and ground cayenne, typical of Indonesian cuisine, are only suitable for the most courageous taste buds.

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6. chestnut cream

Another amazing way to eat nuts. In this case, chestnut cream, commonly known as marron glacé cream, is a gastronomic specialty from the year 1885 created to take advantage of the chestnuts that were broken during its preparation to confit them.

With them, this 100% natural cream flavored with vanilla and covered with a fine glaze was made to leave a unique flavor and aroma. Ideal to eat alone or in the company of a soft drink, it is sold in portions like these from the Cuevas brand for 16.96 euros per 300 g.

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7. Caramelized dry fruits

The specialty of Sabor a España are these candied nuts: walnuts, pistachios, peanuts or almonds -among others- they are a guaranteed hit on your table. And if you can’t decide on one of them, this mix with a bit of everything can save you from your indecision.

Although they can be used in confectionery, the syrup that turns them into caramelized gives them enough flavor and sweetness to eat them alone at any time of the day. This 300g box is available for 7.90 and makes a great gift for any nut lover.

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