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Seven Italian salads to add color to the summer that will break your schemes

Summer has about 90 days, of which the vast majority, with the heat on the heat, what you want is to eat a refreshing salad and not have to cook more than the basics, for which pasta is very popular. To abound and vary your starters, we offer you seven Italian salads to spice up the summer that they are going to break your schemes.

Six refreshing, nutritious and easy-to-make legume salads

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In the search for recipes with simple pasta, we have come across some surprise from that Italian gastronomy that we all think we know so well but never cease to amaze us with specialties from different areas of La Bota. Let yourself go and experiment in the kitchen, you will not be disappointed.

Italian surprises in Malasaña

La Fresella or frisella: it is a typical summer pizza from southern Italy based on a twice-cooked bread (biscotto) that remains a bit stale, so they moisten it with a little water and oil and, on top, they put mozzarella, tuna, shellfish, or whatever comes up.

The version that have been reinvented in the Luna Rossa de Malasaña (Madrid) substitute this bread for a thick pizza with a 48-hour matured dough so that it is not heavy, with a Buffala cherry mozzarellina salad, green olives and little Sicilian tomatoes, basil, oregano, extra olive oil and slices of garlic to make you feel great.

Insalata estiva: Cook the pasta that you have closest to hand following the time indications on the package. Meanwhile, to a good mix of lettuces, you add the smoked provola cheese, which will give it that special flavor, some sweet and sour peppers, Cantabrian anchovies to add the salty counterpoint and oregano, with oil and balsamic vinegar. Mix everything in a bowl and you’re done.

Insalata Luna Rossa: Boil some potatoes, mix with assorted green sprouts some green and black olives, some spring onion wedges and Datterini cherry tomatoes, with the slices of a warm loin of fresh cod, dress with extra virgin olive oil, salt and balsamic vinegar, and eat.

La famiglia Carta in a Madrid trattoria

Burrata salad with caraau bread: we go to the authentic trattoria Manzoni, where the Carta family accompanies a thin sheet of crusty bread with a simple salad recipe that you can prepare in two minutes with the mixture of green leaves, some small canned candied aubergines with some Datterini del Vesuvius tomatoes cut in half (validated for cherry or similar) and a good dressing with oil, vinegar and salt.

In other words, the most elaborate is the bread, also called Sardinian parchment bread or music card, and here is the recipe: for three large portions: 100g of wheat flour, 25g of strength flour, a pinch of none dry yeast, another salt and 80 ml of warm water.

Mix everything and knead until the dough is no longer sticky and is smooth, let it rest covered for half an hour to an hour. Make three balls of the same size and preheat the oven to maximum while squashing the balls so that they are thin, almost transparent, and round, on the baking sheet. Two minutes for each side and they will come out crisp and delicious.

Short pasta salad with cherry tomato, basil, pine nuts and prawns: Stefano Letter He also gives us this recipe for a mixture of greens that consists of boiling 300 g of short pasta to taste, making an oil by infusing the heads of the prawns at 80 degrees in the pan and then dressing the salad with that flavor of its juice.

Toast 20 g of pine nuts lightly, cook some cherry tomatoes in the oven with a pinch of salt, sugar and thyme and then peel them. In a bowl, chop half the garlic (without the middle tail, which is what it repeats), with basil and mint, season with salt and pepper oil and reserve.

Quickly sauté the peeled prawns with a minced shallot and add them to the basil dressing. Mix all the ingredients with the pasta and lettuce adding a little shrimp oil to finish.

Our favorite Italian from Barcelona

Warm salad of grilled squid with escarole: We already recommended the Bacaro from Barcelona in this report on the most authentic trattoria in Spain, and for you to check, we have asked them a recipe for Venetian salad.

We iron two squid, cut them very fine, and mix them together with 250 g of escarole, four tablespoons of the dressing alla romana, which consists of mixing 175 g of Cantabrian anchovies, 45 ml of extra oil, a clove of garlic, 30 ml of Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar (from wine, in any case) and three grams of salt. We finish the dish with the kalamata olive powder.

From an authentic workshop in Zaragoza

Colored farfalle pasta with smoked scamorza: in the Italian artisan workshop Fresh Zecchi Pasta, Zaragoza, they recommend a very easy recipe that is enough to boil 100 g of three-colored farfalle and add tuna in oil, corn, cherry tomato and some smoked scamorza tacos. For the dressing, simply salt, oil and balsamic vinegar.

Bresaola with arugula and parmesan flakes: another very simple salad dressed with EVOO and a little lemon. The Zecchi do not add salt because the bresaola and parmesan already give it that salty and intense flavor.

Warm salad of melted taleggio cheese: more than good, fast and ideal for any summer Sunday at Casa Zecchi. Rebeca Ruberte mixes a sprout salad with pumpkin and poppy seeds, croutons, EVO oil (Italian olive oil), cherry tomatoes and heated taleggio cheese in a skillet to combine it with the salad at the last minute.

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