Thursday, September 23

Seven members of the Valencian Citizen Council of Podemos resign due to the “irreparable damage” caused by the party’s leader, Pilar Lima

These are not good times for Podem. In addition to the crisis triggered by the departure of the second vice president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, and his replacement by Héctor Illueca, there is now the resignation of seven members of the Valencian Citizen Council, the highest organ of the purple formation, for the “damage irreparable for the unity, strength and reputation of our party “caused by internal disagreements.

“The ineffectiveness of the Valencian Citizen Council, emptied of its powers, is another reason why we made this decision,” say the seven resigners in a statement. “What should be the highest decision-making body lacks such a role as it is the last space to know the actions of the general coordination,” they add.

It is about Cristian Santiago, María García Sandoval, Rafael Mercader, Anabel Mateu, Moisés García, Ainhoa ​​Alberola and Noelia Olivares, who throw in the towel not to be “accomplices of the internal, political and ethical collapse that is taking place from the current address “of Pilar Lima.

“The impossibility of debate, the lack of transparency and the breach of the agreements,” denounce the seven members of the purple formation, “are leading the party to inanity and causing the disenchantment of the militancy.” “The drift is already perceived as unstoppable and, although we have tried everything possible to reverse it, there is currently no real option to stop it,” they lament.

The communiqué criticizes that Lima, despite having been elected general secretary with 44.7% of the votes, formed “a one-color executive, contrary to the unity and integration demanded by the militancy.” “38 votes cannot expel 2,200 registered”, they assure.

In addition, they also denounce that the management of Pilar Lima “has crossed red lines in the matter of violation of labor rights”, in reference to the dismissals of part of the staff of the parliamentary group. The apparent closure of the crisis unleashed by the replacement of Martínez Dalmau by Héctor Illueca, who joins the second vice presidency this Thursday, is now prolonged with the resignations of the Valencian Citizen Council. The body, according to sources in the management of Pilar Lima, endorsed Illueca’s appointment with more than 80% of the votes, in a telematic session.

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