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Seven original and beautiful oil cans to give your kitchen a useful and beautiful touch

In its proper use, it can raise good cholesterol levels and lower bad cholesterol, benefits the control of high blood pressure, prevents the onset of diabetes and best of all: it gives your recipes an incomparable flavor. Do you already know what product we are talking about?

Surely you were right, and it is clear that the olive oil It is one of the quintessential products of Mediterranean gastronomy and that is why it deserves to be preserved in containers at the height of its value.

So, so that your oil is in the best conditions and using it is simple, innovative and even decorative, we bring you a list of some oil cans whose capabilities you may not have known and others that will please your eyes in your kitchen.

Oil and vinegar two in one

Do you want to take advantage of the space and not bother to have unnecessary bottles in the kitchen? The two in one for oil and vinegar -but separately- exists and it is this type of oil and vinegar in the same bottle, this one from the Takestop brand.

It has two compartments, one inside the other with its corresponding mouthpiece closed with a cork stopper. One has the shape of the normal bottle where you pour the oil and inside, in the shape of a grape, you will find another compartment perfect for the vinegar, which means that the liquids do not mix.

You just have to remove the cap from each section when you prefer one dressing or another and everything is ready to dress up your salad or complement your appetizers. It’s in the shape of a grape It has a price of 22.99 euros.

Oiler with pipette dispenser

This is, without a doubt, the ideal version for the most perfectionist, since thanks to the glass pipette the dosage of the oil in your dishes will be more than precise. This makes it the ideal container if you don’t want to get too much oil on your toast or to dress the salad with just the right amount.

It is comfortable because the plastic ball of the pipette has a size designed for easy use and, as if that were not enough, in this pack of two, each container can hold 120 ml. For 28.95 eurosboth from the Drop d’olio brand.

Oil can with dispenser cap, measurements and anti-drip system

This oil can has everything you need to be part of your kitchen, as it will make your work much easier. It has measurement labels to help you with the quantities, a dispenser so that everything doesn’t fall out at once and an anti-drip system in charge of not leaving a single stain on your tablecloth.

To use it you just have to press the lever of the cap and tilt it. In this for 18.99 euros 500 ml fit, although there is a small 300 ml version for two euros less and, if you can’t decide, one of each for 27.99. They are all XiaoShenLu brand.

Aromatic oil bottle to put spices

It is non-drip and made of glass, but what makes this container special is that you can make your own flavored oil in it. How? Well, very simple, inside the large container there is a smaller one that is the place where you will have to put your spices.

The good thing about this is that, when you pour the oil into your dishes, the spices will not clog their output thanks to the filter and will keep the aroma and flavor intact while it melts with that of the oil. In addition to that, not only the measurements are printed on the glass, but also recipes to give a different touch to this fundamental Mediterranean dressing. It is from Silberthal and is available for 21.95 euros.

handmade oil bottle

Its rustic design is unmatched -literally- as these Lafiore oil cans are handmade using the blown glass technique in Mallorca with 100% recycled glass. Its handle provides a safe and comfortable grip when serving the oil.

As if that were not enough, it has an anti-drip system that is impeccable for daily use because it keeps both the oil jug itself and all the areas of your kitchen clean. Approximately 540 ml fit and its brown and blue design makes it exclusive.

However, if those colors do not convince you, it is in many more, including blue and green or blue forming a spiral. And they all cost the same: 29.95 euros.

Oil and vinegar with modern design

To get away from the typical glass oil bottle, this one from Sklum is the one for the most modern homes. It is the balanced fusion between style and functionality: a simple 12x14x7 porcelain container with a cork lid that, in addition to containing one of the most representative products of the Mediterranean diet, will give a simple but elegant touch to your kitchen.

Of course, since no one wants to be confused, it is better to make it clear what each of the containers is for, that is why it is written in relief oil Y vinegar, that is, oil and vinegar. This time we have chosen the bluish-gray one, but identical and therefore the same price of the brand, 10.47 eurosyou will find the white pack.

spray oil

The benefits of this sprayer are unmatched: designed to be used in an air fryer, to spray or bake any dish that needs to be spread evenly and suitable for those who do not want to consume too many calories a day, as it doses the amount expelled.

Being made of glass and having an airtight lid, it becomes a stain-resistant container for fixed or portable use. So you can take it to a picnic without problems so that your toast with ham is freshly hydrated with oil. One unit costs 12.99 euros.

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