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Seven practical ideas to take advantage of your leaky socks

They fall. Pellets come out. And, definitely, many are practically broken when released. Crystal stockings, fishnet pantyhose and leggings seem a legal imperative to wear a skirt or to dress comfortably (the leggings) From November. But,how to take advantage of those leaky stockings or with a magnificent carrerĂ³n and those leggings holes that are useless for their task of protecting us from the cold?

Don’t throw them away: 20 things to do with your old socks

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Because stockings are short-lived. A report from the French organization HOP, what a battle against planned obsolescence and the so-called ready-to-wear (ready to pull), hold that 72% break before six uses.

Its short life, and the fact that this garment is so difficult to recycle, has half earned the nickname of “the fashion plastic straws; and it also explains that there are more and more firms trying to make more sustainable, durable and, above all, more respectful of the planet stockings.

But what to do with all those stockings and leggings that they are already leaky and that to top it off they didn’t cost us exactly cheap? Here they go seven alternative uses to take advantage of them and do not throw them in the trash, no matter how striking the career you have marked.

1. Make a hair tie with your torn stocking

If you get bored of losing your hair tie, here’s your old sock to help you out. A few old or leaky nylon pantyhose can be turned into dozens of elastics to keep your hair in check. Simply get rid of the part that covered your foot, and take advantage of the rest.

You only need to make wide cuts, about three centimeters thick; and make as many hair ties as you need. And once you reach the end of the leg, don’t stop: you can take advantage of the wide part to make a headband or a sports headband.

2. Turn it into a laundry bag

Underwear, socks and other small or delicate items appreciate a little care and protection when they go into the washing machine. You can buy a laundry bag. Or get one completely free with your leaky panties. It’s as easy as it sounds: tuck your delicates into the stocking, and tie a knot. Now you can throw it into the washing machine!

3. Make a scent bag for the closet

If you want to refresh a closet, and make your clothes smell good, you can use a scented bag. Or make a homemade one with the help of your old stockings. You just need to dry some aromatic herbs and flowers.

You can use rose petals (which are now in full bloom), but also classic aromatic plants, such as lavender or eucalyptus. You only need to take advantage of the part of the sock, fill it with the herbs and perfumes you prefer, and tie. You can hang it on the closet rod or put it as is in the drawer.

4. Sort your napkins or your pens

Just like you make hair ties, you can use the same technique to make elastics to help you sort out some household items. Use them to tie a bunch of pencils or to tidy up those kitchen utensils. They are also used to tie open food containers or packages of pasta and vegetables.

5. Keep the garbage bag in place

If the garbage bag won’t stop slipping into the bin, ask your leaky socks for help. Use the widest waist section to keep that slippery bag snug and in place.

6. Keep your bulbs in winter

If you like gardening, you probably have bulbs on the terrace. But many of these spring flowers (like daffodils or tulips) will appreciate keeping their bulbs indoors during the winter months.

To help you keep them in good condition, and organized by species and types of flowers, you can use your old socks. Your tights are made of breathable fabric, which will help keep your bulbs airy and in good condition. In addition, it will be easier for you to label them: put a piece of paper with their name inside the stocking, and that’s it.

7. To clean or remove nail polish

Instead of using cotton, you can build a reusable sponge to remove polish from your nails with torn stockings. The slightly grainy texture of medium-thickness pantyhose, dipped in acetone or nail polish remover, adds just the right amount of light abrasion to help you remove polish smoothly.

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