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Seven restaurants that continue to offer exotic meats in Spain

Find exotic meats in Spain It’s like pricking yourself with the damn needle in the haystack. What is worse, you are following the trail of restaurants that, long ago, had them on their menu but then you find that they have kept the most common proposals. We investigate why.

This is not only due to low public demand, but, as explained by Josep Sanitjas, chef at El Santuariin recent years they have less exotic meat because they do not buy it illegally or from hunting, but from Europe.

“The EU monitors health even more than with normal meats and does not allow them to enter from other countries at the minimum that detects some type of disease, such as salmonellosis in the skin of reptiles, case of crocodile or snake (and even chicken); or foot-and-mouth disease, which affects African antelopes or cloven-hoofed animals, such as gazelles, wildebeests, elands, kudus, oryx, etc.”

Within that exhaustive control, add Lucio Lanzan, owner of Tavern El Broquel, that, according to European regulations, “the animals have to be in farms and slaughterhouses specialized in a single species, as the zebra enters those of equines; but they cannot be mixed. Traceability is very careful.

And he also recognizes that it is very complicated for suppliers because, for example, “the crocodile container that came defective from Zimbabwe lost a lot of money and is not going to bring more product until it is recovered.”

As if that were not enough, Lanzan adds, “importers are touched and sunk because exporting a container used to cost 8,000 euros and now it costs 18,000.” Perhaps the solution is that of the Australian government, “which directly markets the kangaroo to control hunting raids, because there it is almost a plague; as well as the camel, that there are large herds”, says Sanitjas.

Although it is increasingly rare to find exoticism, there are still some establishments in Spain where you can eat meat that they are allowed. Here you will see which ones:

in Catalonia

Sanctuary Restaurantlocated in Les Masies de Voltregà, province of Barcelona, ​​is, indeed, a temple where they treat all those exotic meats with macerations that vary and cut very finely to get the most out of them and flavor, because the starting point is not too lofty .

That is why you are surprised when the smoked reindeer with blueberries and the smooth zebra, the intense buffalo with romesco and ostrich curry, the wild boar with kimchi sauce or the chimichurri kangaroo arrive at the table.

Not to mention the exquisite certified kobe, the plump frog legs from Vietnam or the reindeer croquettes with Philippine ube (purple sweet potato) or the pumpkin with shark, which you can also taste in fillets. We talk about fried worms, crickets and grasshoppers when the EU forces us to eat insects.

Adrian’sin Cornelláoffers kangaroo tataki and international meats such as Nebraska entrecôte, Argentine Angus loin, Arkansas black Angus picaña, bison or buffalo loin, Australian kangaroo and zebra loin, ostrich tenderloin and a whole corner of the wagyu in carpaccio, steak tartare or picaña.

in the center of the peninsula

The Broquel Tavern: in addition to wines by the glass to give and drink in this tavern of SaragossaLucio has an arsenal of exotic meats to eat in a hamburger, such as guanaco (which is a cousin of the llama) and, above all, on grilled skewers, going through zebra or ostrich and kangaroo, even venison or bull.

If you are lucky, you will be able to try the giant ostrich egg in the middle of a good barbecue of meat or some broken eggs. And you shouldn’t miss out on their carpaccios, which you can order, for example, half reindeer and half buffalo, or foal and Nebraska beef, sprinkled with shavings of foie or parmesan. The Buckler is a time tunnel, you won’t be able to get out, but you’ll want to get back in.

Broken Plates Restaurant: located in Madridis another one of those unique restaurants where you eat a 1.5 kg ostrich egg or a goose egg with baked potatoes, padrón peppers and Iberian ham.

Within its exotic menu, you will find a kobe, zebra, angus, ostrich, bison, camel or wild boar burger in fillet or carpaccio. The garnishes are also quite original.

In the Mediterranean

Red Roo Australian Restaurant: The Noah’s Ark tasting is recommended, so you can try a kangaroo, ostrich, camel, shark and zebra tasting to find out which one you like best and order them separately another day and in a big way.

For example, the shark brochette or the camel meatballs in tomato sauce show a lot of promise. Cracked eggs with kangaroo shouldn’t be left on the plate. In addition to that of Madridhave two franchises in San Vicente del Raspeig and in Torrevieja, Alicante.

Sa Farm: in an old house located on the hill of Siesta, in Ibizayou can eat with views of the sea on its beautiful terraces dishes that take you out of your comfort zone such as frog legs, bison tenderloin, zebra or elk, among other exotic meats that this Belgian family chooses with very good judgment .

My Wine: In Malagathis restaurant also with a good wine list has Australian kangaroo fillet and South African crocodile tenderloin with chutney Mediterranean and a good side dish.

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