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Seven surprising new uses for your old baskets

All these months of pandemic seem to have helped us to spend more time tidying up our homes. And now that you are organizing, all those old baskets that you have accumulated can be especially useful to collect small and large objects that have been hanging around your house for months.

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True: baskets help us organize socks and are a good place to store all those blankets that you curl up with on the couch. But it turns out that baskets go a long way, and serve other surprising uses, beyond those obvious tasks. [Aquí tienes 20 cosas que puedes hacer con todos esos calcetines viejos o desemparejados].

1. Use your basket as a planter

The wicker baskets make a flower pot very stylish and functional for all those plants that you accumulate in the living room. The only thing to remember is to cover the inside with a plastic bag. Or, more simply: leave your plant in the plastic container it comes in, with a plate. [¿Necesitas más inspiración? Aquí tienes ideas y las reglas esenciales para organizar todas esas plantas en casa.]

2. Baskets as wall shelves

A few screws are enough to anchor a metal basket to the wall and use it to organize almost anything you need. In this way, it serves as a bookcase or to organize your indoor plants [Si acabas de llegar al mundo de la jardinería, aquí tienes siete plantas casi inmortales y aptas para manazas.]

And placed on a wall in the bathroom, it allows you to store, and have on hand, rolls of toilet paper. In addition to metal baskets, wicker or wooden ones also work: with them you can make vertical open shelves, or leave them on the floor to organize your bathroom towels.

3. Transform the basket into a bed for your cat

It is very simple turn a basket into a new bed for your cat. First: choose a wicker basket that is shorter than your feline and almost as wide as the size of its body when it sleeps in a donut. Afterward, tuck his favorite blanket inside and place it in a nice spot where your furry friend already likes to hang out.

4. Or decorate your walls with baskets, it’s a trend!

Wicker baskets, with beautiful colors and patterns, can be the best candidates to decorate that sad wall in the living room. And for little money; or totally free, if you already have them at home. What’s more: decorating your walls with baskets seems to have become one of the last trends that run through Instagram.

This project brings natural texture, as well as an interesting pattern, to your space. And it’s simple: to get it right, group similar baskets, and start with the largest one, as it will serve as eye catchers.

5. Do you have a large basket? Make yourself a side table

As simple as it sounds: flip a metal basket over to use as a side table next to the sofa. In this way, it already helps you to support your books or papers. But if, in addition, you need a table to leave a cup of coffee or tea, you can add consistency to your table-basket by placing a board on top (a round board will fit better). And inside your table you can continue to keep those blankets that you enjoy on sofa and series nights.

Not just metallic: a large wicker basket it also serves you in exactly the same way. And, if you need to, remove the handles first. You can turn it over or leave it in its natural position, and place (now it is essential) a board on top to hold whatever you want.

6. Or use your basket as a nightstand

When space is tight, it’s time to squeeze your brains out. Or use a basket! If you screw a rectangular basket to the wall closest to your bed, it will serve as a nice bedside table, where to put the book down when your eyes drop; or where to leave your night infusion. A stylish, cheap and very useful solution when you do not have space in the room to place a traditional bedside table.

7. And use it as a tray

If the basket is low, you have a tray. You can use it to carry objects from one place to another; but also to place some aromatic pots in the kitchen, and have all your fresh herbs together and at hand.

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