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Seven typical sauces from other countries that will give life to your barbecues

sure you know the bolognese italian, the bechamel French or Chinese soy sauce, not to mention Tabasco, mayonnaise or ketchup. But today we are not here to talk to you about them, but rather we have taken a walk on the world gastronomic map to tell you about some exotic sauces that you probably didn’t know about.

From the piri piri Portuguese up to ajvar from the Balkans: these and other dressings will give your recipes a different touch and aroma. Although, if you dare, you can also try to cook some of the recipes from their countries of origin in which the sauces on this list are essential.

pineapple sauce

Latin America is the quintessential place for dressings, a place whose salsa cuisine goes beyond the typical Mexican guacamole or Argentine chimichurri. Therefore, this time we bring you a not so popular: this Colombian pineapple sauce Columbia brand.

Ideal to give a special touch to your fast food dishes such as hot dogs or hamburgers, but also to accompany meats or vegetables in a good barbecue. It is an atypical condiment due to its sweetness that will change the flavor of your recipes for 7.49 euros a bag.

Dip ajvar

It is the most sauce valued in the Balkan area and it should not be less, because it makes anyone’s pecking happy. Its ingredients are only four, but enough to flood your dish with flavor: red peppers, aubergines, garlic and chilli.

Although it seems that it will be a strong sauce, it is your choice which one to choose, since, depending on the type of pepper and the amount added, the ajvar can be sweet or spicy. It is perfect for seasoning any dish, but, without a doubt, if you eat it spread on bread, it will leave you speechless.

And what better than this package of two cans of Granny’s Secret for 19.47 euros which is 100% original from one of its countries of origin, Serbia.

Dip tzatziki:

It is one of the best known on this list, its components are simple but nutritious and it is the perfect dish for a refreshing summer, since it can be defined as a kind of thick and cold soup. The ingredients of this greek sauce?

Greek yogurt, grated cucumber and garlic are the main ones, although to give it the characteristic Greek touch, herbs and olive oil are essential. Although it can be eaten alone or as an accompaniment to meat, the dish that cannot be missed is a mezze, an appetizer tasting. This six pack of Hellmann’s is available for 49.99 euros.

XO sauce

among a myriad of chinese sauces we find the XO, the most gourmet made with scallops, dried anchovies, salted fish, chiles and prawns cooked in a spicy sauce. It should be used sparingly, as its characteristic flavor will transform your dishes.

Although one of its best uses is with fish, it can also be used to prepare stews and meats. The Chinese term XO denotes quality, prestige and exclusivity, hence this sauce is of great value due to the particularity of its ingredients and how expensive it is to cook. In fact, this 80-gram tube from the Yuki brand costs 36.90 euros.

Dip relish

This green sauce is of indian origin, but its use is commonly Anglo-Saxon and is added to grilled meat dishes to enhance its flavor or as an accompaniment to hamburgers, ribs, etc. Its color is perhaps not the most attractive and its flavor, although it can be spicy, is usually bittersweet due to the fusion of the vegetables that make it up.

The number of ingredients in this sauce is infinite: peppers and onions of all kinds, chili, vinegar, sugar, ginger and a long etcetera. It is common in barbecues and you can find it from Heinz for 14.04 euros.

Dip piri piri

Did you think that the best hot sauces were in Latin America? Well we’ll tell you what Portugal does not lag behind. The piri piri is a variety of chili that was produced by Portuguese explorers in East Africa and later spread to other Portuguese territories to end up being one of the most versatile hot sauces in the world.

Without a doubt, grilled chicken thighs are the recipe in which this sauce is used the most, but it also goes well with fish and stews. So that you can investigate further, we leave you this Paladin mix with four flavors: the “Ai Ai” (dangerously spicy), the Extra Strong; the one with garlic and laurel and the one with piri piri habanero All for 17.90 euros.

Dip sumac

Sumac or sumac is very popular in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region. In countries such as Israel, Turkey and Italy, it is used to enhance flavor and color due to its bittersweet but strong taste.

The flavor of the berries that make it up is reminiscent of lemons, but not as acidic, which adds character and brightness to salads, fish, meat or other sauces. It is also the perfect seasoning for hummus, fried vegetables or scrambled eggs.

The most peculiar thing is that it works as a substitute for salt: if it is added to meat before cooking, the reaction during cooking creates a sensation of said ingredient. This 500 g pot of Hayfene costs 21 euros.

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