Tuesday, November 29

Several activists hang a banner against the Qatar World Cup in Paris: “FIFA kills”

A group of activists have hung a banner reading: “FIFA kills. World Cup 2022: 6,500 dead” for a few minutes on the Pont des Arts, one of the most famous bridges that crosses the Seine River in Paris, in protest against the thousands of migrant workers who died in Qatar to build the World Cup that begins this Sunday .

The president of FIFA censures the “double standards” of the West after criticism of the World Cup in Qatar: “It is simple hypocrisy”

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The authorship of this ephemeral act of protest corresponds to the French collective of Les Dégommeuseswhich presents itself as a soccer team made up mainly of lesbians and trans people whose goal is to fight discrimination.

“Awarding this World Cup to a country that tramples on the rights of women and LGBT+ people and ignores that the climate catastrophe is already underway only increases our disgust”, has indicated ‘Les Dégommeuses’ in a thread -a succession of connected tweets- on his Twitter profile. “We call on all those who defend a popular, emancipatory, inclusive sport, away from capitalist interests, to continue and expand their resistance,” she added.

The few minutes in which the banner – 16 meters long by 4 meters high – has been visible has served to attract the attention of some passers-by and tourists. The activists have also lit red and green flares.

More protests in Paris

In the afternoon, the groups le bruit qui court, carton rouge Qatar (‘Red card to Qatar’, in Spanish) and Fridays for future They have gone to the Place de la République in Paris and have climbed to dress the female statue that symbolizes the French Republic, to which they have put a T-shirt that read: “Qatar is full of death”. The base of the imposing statue also had a multicolored crepe, in tribute to LGTBI groups.

Around the statue, several punctured soccer balls were intended to embody the lives lost to build the World Cup facilities in Qatar. Activists have also shown symbolic red cards to the event.

The tournament will begin this afternoon at 5:00 p.m., with the opening match between the hostess -directed by the Spanish Félix Sánchez Bas- and Ecuador. Since the Gulf country won a controversial vote in 2010 to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has invested around $200 billion in infrastructure that has failed to silence criticism of workers’ working conditions, accusations of corruption, the persecution of the LGTBI community, discrimination against women and the lack of rights such as freedom of expression and association.


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