Monday, December 6

Several agitators of the Nazi demonstration in Chueca try to resurrect the Yomus ultras of València CF

The most radical Yomus return. Or they try. Valencia CF’s Phil-Nazi orientation group had been integrated into the recently dissolved Curva Nord due to pressure from the club, an allegedly depoliticized crowd of animation after a complicated internal process. After being identified among the alleged aggressors, the then president of the Curva Nord, Javier Cervera, was forced to resign for being present at the counter-demonstration on October 9, 2017 despite stating that he did not participate in the attacks.

The extra-parliamentary ultra-right shows his chest before Abascal for the neo-Nazi march in Chueca: “You do stink of opportunist sewer”

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In that transition process, in coordination with the club’s board, the Curva Nord vetoed the most radical and old-school fans with a criminal record. During all this time, according to sources familiar with the insides of the peña ultra, an internal conflict has been brewing between the most politicized sector linked to the extreme right and its rivals who opted for a more disguised and purely line. hooligan, at least inside the stadium.

The official dissolution of the Curva Nord occurred when the order to open the oral trial for the brutal attacks on October 9, 2017 is about to fall. The 28 prosecuted ultras face sentences of between five and 11 years in prison for the beatings of protesters and journalists. The judge investigating the case came to investigate the Yomus ultras as “illicit association”, as reported by this newspaper.

In addition, the Curva Nord had a direct confrontation with Peter Lim, the current owner of the club, and with the Valencia CF board, which has already established measures to keep the ultras out of the stadium. In this context of internal wars, the Yomus have returned led by an old extremist leader, Ramón Castro, with a criminal record and tattooed neo-Nazi symbolism.

On October 26, during the match between Valencia CF and Mallorca, Castro gave a speech on the outskirts of the stadium before his faithful. “There were people here who are not going to come back,” he exclaimed, referring to the less openly politicized sector. In several interviews, Ramón Castro has denied his connection to the extreme right, sporting a colorful neo-Nazi tattoo on his left hand.

The reappearance of the Yomus was immediately applauded by José Luis Roberto, the leader of Spain 2000, an ultra small group based in Valencia. Both Roberto and Castro attended, according to abundant graphic testimonies, the controversial neo-Nazi demonstration that ran through the streets of Madrid’s Chueca neighborhood on September 18. The Spain 2000 leader even gave a speech at the end of the march.

The return of the Yomus has caused rejection and fear among some Valencian political representatives, starting with the mayor of the city, Joan Ribó. The first mayor, from Compromís, has urged Valencia CF to “continue acting as before” in the face of a possible “reorganization” of the ultra group. Sport “must be exempt from hatred,” Ribó said.

The spokesperson for Compromís in the Valencian Corts, Fran Ferri, has also warned of the danger posed by “whitewashing” people who were shouting “out of our neighborhoods AIDS” in Chueca. “In sports there is no place for fascism or the intolerant, we will not allow it,” tweeted Pilar Lima, spokesperson for Unides Podem in the regional chamber.