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Several countries already end their evacuation operations in Afghanistan



Several Western countries have already concluded their evacuation operations in Afghanistan, just days before the end of the deadline agreed by the US with the Taliban. While France and Spain have set this Friday as the date, Canada, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands and Belgium are the countries that have already finished their intervention.


The Government of Canada has concluded this Thursday its evacuation operations from the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, with Canadian citizens and collaborators still in the Asian country.

In a communication from the Immigration Department, the Canadian Executive has confirmed that the evacuations are complete and, “at the moment, there are no more evacuation flights planned”, arguing that the situation at Hamid Karzai International Airport is not “stabilized”.

Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajan warned on Wednesday that the situation in Afghanistan “changes by the hour” and stressed that, as the August 31 deadline for troop withdrawal approaches, the allies of The United States must retreat “before” the Americans.

So far, Canada has evacuated more than 2,700 people from Kabul, including Canadian citizens, Afghan refugees, permanent residents and citizens of other countries, according to data provided by the Minister of Immigration, Marco Mendicino.


The Danish Army concluded the evacuation tasks from Afghanistan on Wednesday after taking more than a thousand people out of the country from the Kabul airport, as reported by the Danish Ministry of Defense on Wednesday.

“I can confirm that the Hercules aircraft of the Armed Forces has completed its last flight with evacuees from Afghanistan. This time with about 90 people from the Danish lists as well as Danish soldiers and diplomats, ”Defense Minister Trine Bramsen explained in a statement on the Ministry’s website.

“Thus, more than 1,000 people have been evacuated from Kabul by Danish planes, in an impressive professional and human effort carried out by our soldiers and other envoys,” he adds.

Among the evacuees are embassy staff in Kabul and members of their families, as well as extraductors and nationals from Denmark and other countries.

The termination of Danish flights is partly due to “increased threat and risk around the airport” as a “determining” factor in ending the evacuation.


Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz has announced that the last two planes with evacuees from Afghanistan will arrive in the country on Wednesday, thus ending the Polish evacuation from Kabul airport.

“We can no longer risk the lives of diplomats and military personnel in Afghanistan,” said Przydacz, in statements collected by the Polish news agency PAP.

Of these last two flights, one is already on its way to Poland and the last is in Uzbekistan.

The deputy minister has assured that the decision was made after consulting this Tuesday with the undersecretary of the United States Department of State, Wendy Sherman, and the British who are on the ground, aware that “there is very little time.”

The office of the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, already announced on Tuesday that, if the situation did not change, the last flight with evacuees from Afghanistan would leave Kabul on Wednesday, and that they expected to receive a total of about 800 people, in addition to 300 Afghans. who have collaborated with NATO.


Hungary has closed its evacuation operation in Afghanistan, after having evacuated 540 people in 14 flights between Kabul and the city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan, Defense Minister Tibor Benkö reported on Thursday.

“The operation ended” after evacuating those 540 people, including US citizens, Afghans, Austrians and Hungarians, the minister told reporters, adding that if necessary in the future, new flights would be made.

Hungary, which opposes any plan to host large numbers of Afghan refugees, has insisted in recent days that it would only evacuate those whose lives were at risk for supporting NATO in Afghanistan.


The Government of the Netherlands will finalize the evacuations from Kabul airport this Thursday, as reported by the Dutch Executive in a letter to parliament.

“Everything possible is being done to ensure that the hundreds of people who are inside the airport get on the flights scheduled for today,” reads the letter, collected by various local media.

The last two buses of citizens with Dutch passports arrived at Kabul airport this morning, according to the UN digital medium, which ensures that the Taliban prevented the entry of transport into the area for hours, citing sources in the group of evacuees.


The Government of Belgium announced this Thursday the end of evacuation operations from the Kabul airport (Afghanistan) after being informed that the situation on the ground had “worsened a lot” in the last hours and faced with the threat of a suicide attack. around the aerodrome.

At a press conference, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo said that the country’s last military left at Kabul airport this Wednesday afternoon and landed in Islamabad (Pakistan) late in the day.

“Yesterday afternoon, all our teams and the Belgians who were still on the airport apron have been evacuated. The last flight landed at 9.30 pm in Islamabad, ”he announced, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sophie Wilmès, and the Minister of Defense, Ludivine Dedonder.

The factor that has led to this decision, explained De Croo, has been the fact that the Belgian authorities have been informed about the growing possibility of a bomb attack in the vicinity of the airport from which the evacuations were carried out.

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