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SFDK, rappers: “The Seville medal means that such a class-oriented city will finally grant us a membership card”

Recent times have probably been an emotional roller coaster for almost everyone, but for SFDK maybe a bit more. If in 2019 they celebrated their 25th anniversary with a massive concert at the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art in their city, Seville, the pandemic froze all their projects and the coronavirus seriously affected Saturnino Rey, Zatu, your MC. And with almost no time to react, the news reached them that the Seville City Council was awarding them the City Medal, although health restrictions prevented them from celebrating it as the occasion deserved. Now, when little by little they are resuming their activity, they will be able to do it in a big way, with a concert in the Plaza de España scheduled for next October 9, within the framework of the Iconic Seville Fest.

A “premium” event, this is how the first edition of the Icónica Sevilla Fest will be

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“The first thing we can say is that we don’t care about the awards,” says Zatu, “with these things we always wonder why, who is going to give it to us, what friendly hand has put us in the fore … We remember when [el anterior alcalde socialista] Monteseirín welcomed us into his office to show that the authority was with the ‘B side’ of the city, and then nothing else. But you are happy because that medal is going to make a city as classy as this one finally grant us a membership card, “he ironizes.

At his side, the dj Óscar Sánchez listens with that zen way that he has turned into a personal hallmark. “I have always thought that I had no talent, so the recognition has surpassed me a bit. Seville has changed a lot in these years, the ‘B-side’ is no longer so ‘B-side’, everything is more open. The medal it is a recognition of the grain of sand that we have put into making it normal for a rap group to perform in the Plaza de España “, he says. “I admit that I am excited: it is my favorite place in Seville, and I go very often to have a hailstorm. In addition, in the Plaza de España I have memories of many times, as a child, with grandparents, with girlfriends, in the boats… The chorizo ​​sandwiches that we ate at the fair. We even threw the papers for conscientious objection there! ”

“It is a place of memories,” agrees Zatu. “I’m going to sing in front of some stairs where I hit a huge host [risas]. Theirs would be to arrive by horse carriage, with Sound System speakers [más risas]. It’s going to be a special concert. ”

Nice songs

The musicians receive Andalucía at their premises in Mairena del Aljarafe, a laboratory where the inexhaustible creativity they have demonstrated over almost three decades continues to find its way. A journey in which the temptations to throw in the towel have not been lacking, but which has ended up raising them to stardom reserved for a select few. More than 18,000 people demonstrated it at that CAAC recital, and they continue to surprise the artists of Pino Montano. “After a few years now, good things started to happen that were born alone. I mean that they came without us doing anything other than releasing records,” says Zatu. “To this day, some expressions that we receive through networks still seem disproportionate to us, things like ‘You got me out of my problem’ or ‘You saved my life’. It’s too much.”

What inspires a particular satisfaction to musicians is that they have reached all these people without having to go through radio formulas, going by word of mouth. They have even survived the dreaded generational shift, which left many by the wayside. “We have only left four or five of those from before: Kase O, Tote, Nach, La Mala …”, Zatu recounts, while Sánchez nods thoughtfully. “I think that if the songs are good, you will do well. Not everything is image and publicity. Look at C. Tangana, he is very good with marketing, but what is unquestionable is that he has made a very good album. The paraphernalia helps, but it is not enough. The public is not stupid. And I always think as an audience: What would I like to hear? If I am a normal person, what I like has to work. ”

Zatu, on the other hand, believes that SFDK’s formula for success has more ingredients. “We have many tricks, we are magicians, we cheat,” he says with a sly smile. “There are many ways to make a song sound new to you. And we always do a field study, maybe that has distinguished us from other people. We may not have been the best artists, but we have been the best players.”

Brake a Ferrari at 200

Now it’s time to see how the duo will play their cards in these murky post-pandemic times. Óscar sighs as he remembers the effect of the sudden halt in confinement and the strange months that followed. “I have not had a good time,” he confesses. “It was like braking a Ferrari in its tracks when it is going 200 per hour: you hurt him, sure. I saw that many colleagues began to do everything, online concerts and things like that. Instead I spoke with Zatu and said: I think we shouldn’t do anything. It’s a time when people don’t even know what they want to hear. And I think he was right”.

The conversation with SFDK at their premises coincides with the announcement by the Junta de Andalucía to allow full capacity for shows again, news that all the musicians eagerly awaited. The Sevillians, who come from a summer in which they have been “save the furniture“With half a dozen concerts, they receive it with optimism. Ahead they have the appointment of the Plaza de España and, in their hands, a good amount of music that is taking shape” without haste, because the situation continues to be very confusing. ”

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