Friday, September 22

Shark mentality: Taquería gives you the carnitas when you buy lemons

Taco that is respected should always carry a generous portion of juicy lemon; however, with the rise in the price of this fruit, its acquisition both in homes and in restaurants seems more difficult.

According to National Council of Lemon Producers, the increase in this product is due to an increase in the cost of fertilizers of almost 700 percent, as well as the scarcity and rise in the price of fuel.

With the desire that the clientele not be discouraged, the owner of a carnitas place located in Actopan, Hidalgo, launched an irresistible promotion that no diner would reject.

Pay for the lemons and take the carnitas

In the town of Actopan, a carnitas store called Chicharrón & Carnitas Don Nacho He did not hesitate to use his ingenuity to devise a promotion that few would have thought of.

The owner knows that the carnitas-lemon binomial is inseparable, but since costs are pressing in a business, a decision had to be made that would not affect the economy of the clients or the premises.

The promotion, which can be verified both in the physical premises and on Don Nacho’s social networks, consists of diners buying two lemons at 70 pesos and take a quarter of a kilo of carnitas as a gift with their respective vegetables and sauce.

“Take advantage of this super offer that Chicharrón & Carnitas Don Nacho bring for you, 100% real no feik”, reads one of his Facebook posts.

Faced with the unusual promotion, netizens immediately reacted and wondered in the comments if the promotion was real.

Don Nacho’s recent proposal is still valid and, according to the last post on Friday, January 21, it will continue for several more days.

Among the store’s product offerings, customers can also find pork rinds, longaniza, pork ‘tierritas’ and lard.

Where: Mexican Thinker corner with Maria del Carmen, North Center neighborhood, Actopan, Hidalgo