Tuesday, February 27

Shell transforms a Fulham petrol station into an “electrolinera” | Digital Trends Spanish

Shell converted a London petrol station into a charging station for electric cars. The transformation of the service station offers a panorama of how urban infrastructure could be transformed in the next decade, in which the adoption of electric cars is estimated to increase.

The new “electrolinera” is located in the Fulham neighborhood, southwest of London, and has nine 175 kW charging stations. According to Shell, the chargers are capable of recharging up to 80 percent of the battery in “most electric cars” in about 10 minutes.

In addition, the electric car charging station has amenities such as a convenience store, high-speed Wi-Fi connection and a waiting area where you can sit and wait while your car is recharged.

Shell emphasizes that the transformation of the gas station into an “electrolinera” seeks to adapt the urban infrastructure to the mobility habits of the future.

Shell transforms a gas station into a "electric station" in Fulham, London.

“Electric car drivers are looking for a fast, convenient and as comfortable charging experience as possible”, highlighted István Kapitány, Vice President of Mobility at Shell Global.

“That is precisely the experience Shell Fulham station is looking for, as it joins our network of charging stations in concourses and other locations,” added the executive.

Currently, charging stations for electric cars are becoming more and more common, however, “electrolineras” are still infrastructure as something out of science fiction.

In addition, the “electrolinera” joins other alternatives for recharging electric cars, such as stations where batteries are exchanged, and which have become very popular in China.

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