Tuesday, July 5

Sheryl Sandberg leaves the position of director of operations of Facebook and will be replaced by the Spanish Javier Oliván

Sheryl Sandberg will step down as COO of Facebook parent Meta this fall after 14 years on the job. After her resignation, the Spanish Javier Oliván will become the new number two of the company.

Both the creator and president of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sandberg have announced it in a facebook post. The president has thanked Sandberg for her work since she came to the company in 2008: “Sheryl designed our advertising business, hired excellent people, forged our management culture and taught me how to run a company”, a job that will now fall to hands of Javier Oliván, who until now was Vice President of Expansion and Infrastructure of Meta.

“Javi will become our next COO, as he will now lead our integrated ads and commercial products, as well as continue to lead our infrastructure, integrity, analytics, marketing, corporate development and growth teams,” specifies the owner of Facebook, although He details that it is a different role from that of Sandberg, since the position that Oliván will assume will be “more traditional”.

Sandberg has said that it has been an “honor” to have worked at Meta alongside Zuckerberg: “Mark is a true visionary and a supportive leader,” said the former head of operations.