Thursday, January 27

Shiba Inu maintained its popularity in November! It was the second crypto with the most mentions on Twitter

The scenario in which this “meme cryptocurrency” has been positioned has given much to talk about over the weeks. According to various reported data, Shiba Inu maintained its popularity in the social media arena by being the second crypto with the most mentions registered in November.

His fame was able to remain afloat even when the positions of the operators in the markets did not favor him in the last month.

Interactions in the SHIB community

As the days progressed, the cryptocurrency managed to secure a place among the most outstanding values ​​of the crypto world. While SHIB’s appreciation has posted considerable setbacks for the season, there is a portion of the market that continues to closely monitor its performance.

According to the recent data release, Shiba Inu maintained a remarkable popularity margin on Twitter, reflecting the attention it continues to receive. The report of CryptoRank denoted a formidable amount of interactions around mentions of the cryptocurrency.

In this sense, SHIB would have been mentioned more than 4 million times (4.02M) in the aforementioned social network. It also managed to surpass Ethereum in the number of followers.

The position achieved, thanks to the interactions in the community, granted him a privileged place among the popularity of the crypto field. Although it has not been able to surpass Bitcoin in terms of the number of mentions, it did manage to be above Dogecoin (DOGE) and Cardano (ADA).

The ups and downs of the season

Between moments of popularity and bad spells, the cryptocurrency meme has gone down a path that did not favor it at all. Although it has not lost fame, it was shocked at its price performance.

The month of November was weak as SHIB fell back from its all-time high of $ 0.000088, recorded on October 28.

On the other hand, Shiba Inu maintained its popularity by being the center of attention for its expansion plans. The community continued to mention SHIB for its implementation as a method of payment to the technology retailer Newegg.

In the same way, it continued to give something to talk about when its users were confident to add more capital to the market. This same month, on the 25th, the cryptocurrency managed to score a record by denoting for the first time the million investors holding SHIB tokens.