Wednesday, November 30

Shiba Inu rises 13% after whale make mega purchase of 4 trillion SHIB | Bitcoin Portal

The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency meme (SHIB) is appreciating more than 13% this Wednesday morning (22), a high that helps the asset beat its best quote in ten days of US$ 0.000036.

One of the forces that helped the cryptocurrency gain market value may have been a mega purchase of 4 trillion SHIB made by a mysterious whale — a term referring to an investor who holds large amounts of cryptoactives.

The transaction was detected on Tuesday by WhaleStats, a Twitter profile that tracks the movement of the largest Ethereum portfolios on the market.

“An ETH whale has added 4T $SHIB ($136M) in the last 24 hours. $SHIB is the most traded token and the largest hodling among the top thousand ETH portfolios”, highlighted WhaleStats.

The blockchain’s public data shows that the whale’s wallet was created two months ago, but the first time she received Shiba Inu was on Monday (20), with a Deposit initial $2.3 million in SHIB.

Over the next 48 hours, another 55 Shiba Inu transactions were made in the wallet. Virtually all purchases had a similar value of $2.3 million in SHIB, suggesting that it was a single purchase split into multiple parts, probably a single purchase. security measure.

The whale’s last transaction was early this Wednesday, when it transferred the equivalent of US$1.7 million in SHIB to the wallet.

Currently, the investor behind these transactions has 4.2 trillion SHIB in his possession, an amount worth about US$151 million at the current exchange rate.

As the WhaleStats profile noted, that same cryptocurrency total was worth $136 million when the purchase was made — meaning the whale made an unrealized profit of at least $15 million in one day.

Sobe e desce da Shiba Inu

The recent price rise came at an important time for Shiba Inu as the currency had been on an intense downward movement since early December.

Shiba Inu closed November at $0.00053, but saw its earnings evaporate over the next few weeks, hitting $0.000028 on Monday, its worst price in two months according to the CoinMarketCap.

The recent purchase of the whale appears to have revived the market and reduced SHIB’s losses in the last 30 days to 20%.

Shiba Inu’s market capitalization also gained momentum and hit $19.3 billion on Wednesday. The number helped the meme currency climb to 13th place in the ranking of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market, leaving Polygon (MATIC) behind in 14th place.