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Shocking images: Aquarium explosion in Berlin hotel | Digital Trends Spanish

A real chaos was lived in the Radisson Hotel in Berlin, famous for having the Aquarium largest cylindrical in the country, the AquaDom. All this due to the explosion that the structure suffered, which caused liters of salt water to spill out, in addition to more than 1,500 exotic species of fish.

The situation occurred in the early hours of this Friday, December 16, and the emergency services deployed 100 agents and closed the highway, which connects Alexanderplatz with the Brandenburg Gate. Two people were injured by fiberglass splinters and were taken to hospital, so the worst part was taken by the animals of 97 different species that lived in the aquarium.

A human tragedy was miraculously avoided, since just below the aquarium there is a bar 25 meters away that serves customers. Nobody was there at the time.

According to some testimonies, a very loud noise was heard at 5:45 in the morning, and parts of the hotel’s facade were blown into the street. The temperature in Berlin at that time was -7ºC, so buses were sent to the area to provide shelter for guests leaving the building.

AquaDom Berlin: Riesen Aquarium geplatzt | WDR aktuell

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