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Shocking images of Tesla that in China suffered from phantom braking | Digital Trends Spanish

An alarming situation that is not new was experienced by a user in China with his Tesla Y, since the car that was circulating in the Chinese province of Guandong on November 5 caused a fatal accident in which two people lost their lives and three others. they got hurt.

The terrible recorded images They show how the car totally lost control and abruptly accelerated instead of braking, and now Tesla China is collaborating with the authorities in the investigation.

🔺️A Tesla car takes great speed when trying to park in China.

🔺️ Caused the death of 2 people and injured 3 others.

🔺️Tesla claims the driver did not hit the brakes during the incident.

🔺️ Police are investigating the cause.

— Juan Pablo de Leo Spinola (@juanpadeleo) November 13, 2022

It was all due to the famous phantom braking: when the user wanted to brake, the car accelerated uncontrollably, destroying everything in its path for at least two kilometers.

Tesla’s division in China has indicated who is collaborating with the Chinese police in the investigation. Those responsible for the company there stated that they would “actively provide any necessary help” and warned that “rumors” should not be believed. The driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and the investigation is now focused on the vehicle.

According to Tesla’s investigation, the driver did not hit the brakes when the car was out of control. They even indicate that according to the data they received on their servers, at a certain moment the accelerator pedal was being fully depressed. In previous criticism for similar problems, the company Indian that “there is no ‘unintentional acceleration'” in their vehicles.

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