Friday, January 28

Siegfried Laboratories delivers more than 9,500 units of nutritional supplements, contributing to the development of Panamanian children

Laboratorios Siegfried, SA, a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of products related to medicine, cosmetics and food, with several years of presence in the Latin American market, carried out an important delivery of nutritional supplements of the brand Nutribaby®, to the First Lady of the Republic, Jasmine Colon de Cortizo, through the Association Pro-Works of Charity, as a show of solidarity and support for the work they do on behalf of children in Panama.

“In keeping with our commitment to the community and pursuing the goal of“ Zero Hunger, Health and Well-being ”, nutrition in the first 1,000 days of children’s lives is the essential key to a healthy future life and to support growth and development. Adequate, of course, always focused on the fact that breastfeeding is the ideal food that meets all nutritional requirements and in optimal conditions, it will always be the first and most recommended. As a company, we support the great work of the First Lady, contributing our grain of sand, so that she continues to bring a better quality of life to those most in need. For this reason, we made this significant contribution through his office, for the good and development of the little ones, “he said. Rubén Darío Cross, General Manager of Siegfried Laboratories for Central America and the Caribbean.

The Office of the First Lady Its Vision is to serve as a bridge in the management of social programs and projects that, within the framework of State policies, promote the integral development of individuals, families and communities to overcome the exclusion generated by poverty and vulnerability.

Each product delivered contains an adequate balance of vitamins and minerals, for child development and fatty acids that favor the nervous and visual system.

Secondly, Nutribaby® It has prebiotics and probiotics, which provide an immune, nutritional and metabolic benefit. That is why the delivery granted by the renowned pharmaceutical company contributes to adequate nutrition in the first 1,000 days, a vital stage to promote the integral health of children and strengthen their immune system.