Thursday, December 1

Silicon Valley’s Buried Secret: A Mercedes-Benz | Digital Trends Spanish

A mysterious secret was unearthed a few days ago in Palo Alto by authorities, it is a car Mercedes Benz missing since 1992 that appeared in Silicon Valley.

One of the great terrors of the inhabitants of Atherton, California, is that human remains were found in the car that was buried more than 4 feet underground.

Cadaver dogs brought to the scene made “light” notifications of possible human remains on three separate occasions, police said in a statement.

The car was towed away from the home and transported Saturday to the San Mateo County Crime Lab for further inspection and processing. On Sunday, ground penetrating radar was used to survey the scene, the department said.

“This examination revealed nothing unusual or suspicious at the scene and no human remains were located,” he said. “This concluded our investigation at the scene,” the department added.

According to a more detailed report from MercuryNews, the car belonged to Johnny Bocktune Lew, a man with a checkered history of criminal activity, including insurance fraud. Bocktune allegedly reported the car stolen from a Stanford shopping center in 1992 and was able to walk away with $87,000 in the form of an insurance payout. For reference, that’s over $180,000 adjusted for inflation.

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