Wednesday, January 19

Silk Road Founder To Offer NFT At Auction To Help Others From Jail

Ross Ulbricht, founder of the defunct market of the darknet known as Silk Road, it will sell an NFT with its own drawings and writing through an auction. Ulbricht says that one of his priorities with the funds raised will be to help relatives of incarcerated people.

The NFT auction from the creator of Silk Road It will take place between December 2 and 8 of this year through the platform SuperRare; a website for the sale of digital art.

According to Ulbricht himself, his experience in prison, after being convicted of crimes related to Silk Road, has inspired him to take this step.

Having grown up in a family closely related to art, according to Ulbricht’s words in his blog, stimulated him to develop his artistic side throughout his life. The reason why the NFT to be auctioned includes drawings and writing in your own handwriting, which have been collected by him and his relatives since childhood. Added to this is an animated sequence created by the artist Levitate which is based on the words of Ross and his experiences as an inmate in prison.

Illustration designed by Levitate that includes several of Ross Ulbricht’s works. Source: Website screenshot

According to the information provided on the website, all images, writing and animation will be part of a single NFT. This is possible through the implementation of the protocol KSPEC, whose development is in the hands of the Kanon collective.

Life behind bars showed Ulbricht the difficulties some people have in visiting their imprisoned relatives. Especially the children of those deprived of liberty, who can go years without seeing their parents, since they do not have the resources to pay the expenses of the trip to prison. For this reason, the creator of Silk Road will allocate the money raised in the auction to a new foundation called Art4Gving, which he and a group of collaborators have created.

At the moment, Art4Giving has two main objectives: to help the relatives of prisoners who deserve it and to pay for new legal procedures to free Ulbricht from prison.

The Sins of Silk Road and the Doom of Ulbricht

The sales site that Ross Ulbricht founded on the darknet, Silk Road, was a place where there were no restrictions on the trade of any product or service; such as, for example, drugs whose distribution was illegal in the United States. However, posts related to counterfeiting money, stolen credit cards, murder, or anything intended to harm others were banned from the website.

Silk Road ran from January 2011 to October 2013, when it was closed by the FBI following Ulbricht’s capture. The website’s founder was charged with involvement in a criminal enterprise, drug trafficking, money laundering, and hacking. Ulbricht is currently serving a sentence of two life sentences and forty years in prison, with no option of parole.

The relevance of Silk Road and Ulbricht for the bitcoiner community is that this was the first space where bitcoin was used as currency for the sale of goods and services. What most attracted Ulbricht to bitcoin (BTC) was its quality of being a pseudo-anonymous currency. This provided one more point in favor of the privacy of Silk Road users. Sadly, there is a dark undertone to this milestone; but, there it was shown that Bitcoin can perfectly fulfill the role of money.