Monday, August 8

Silos for rice storage inaugurated in Chepo

Three silos, which will help in the storage of rice in the sector It’s from Panamaá and that will strengthen the country’s agri-food chain, were inaugurated this Thursday by the company Agrosilos, in the district of Chepo, in an act that was attended by the Minister of Agricultural Development (Mida), Augusto Valderrama.

Each of these three new silos has a capacity of 75 thousand quintals, that will join a modern complex for the storage of this important grain, number one in the consumption of the Panamanian population.

Valderrama praised the work of the construction of this work, which will directly benefit the rice sector in the region and will generate jobs for the communities in the eastern sector.

The head of Mida, who attended the meeting on behalf of the President of the Republic Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, stressed that this Government has not allowed the import of a single grain of rice, which has not been approved by the agri-food chain of this product, what had endangered this sector.

The head of the Mida portfolio had words of encouragement and support for the rice producers and promoters of the project, so that they could continue with the production of this grain, which generates jobs and moves the Panamanian economy.

Notnzio Garland, On behalf of Agrosilos, he thanked the authorities for the presence and gave an account of the development of this project. He highlighted its importance to continue strengthening this sector for the rice producers of Chepo, Darien and the Panamanian economy.

Municipal, rice sector and government authorities were present at the event.