Sunday, May 22

Silvio and Pablo (Churches)

A year ago, Pablo Iglesias left institutional politics. As the saying goes, he went with the music elsewhere. However, the echo of his presence continues to be part of the Single Information Channel, a noise that the media cannot do without. Because if they do, if they do without Pablo Iglesias in the news previews and headlines about him, the media would have to look for someone else -or another- to clean their fleas. And this is something that, for the moment, they do not contemplate.

When Pablo Iglesias lost the elections in Madrid against Isabel Díaz Ayuso, he made his farewell public with a brief but intense speech, finished off with the stanza of a song by Silvio Rodríguez that goes like this:

I don’t know what destiny is.

Walking was what I was.

This is the same verse that heads one of the most interesting chapters of ‘Verdades a la cara’, a book that Pablo Iglesias has just published in Navona with an edition by Aitor Riveiro. In the aforementioned chapter, Iglesias tells us that he made the decision to leave the Vice Presidency behind Yolanda Díaz’s back. In this way, Iglesias launched the transition within the political organization so that Yolanda Díaz would occupy the place he was leaving.

The decision to leave the Vice Presidency of the Government, as the subtitle of the book says, was one of many memories of the wild years; a time in which Pablo Iglesias was wrong enough so that his destiny was hopeless. Perhaps, after the institutional journey that has been marked, our friend has learned that the only possible destiny of a man is the body of a woman, and that this destiny is nothing other than the definition of a man in the style of that other that Homer sang in the taverns of the Greek ports in exchange for a few coins, and whom he called Ulysses.

Because it is in the Odyssey where we find the archaic vicissitudes in its purest state, a story in which there is no lack of Cyclopes or Laistrygonians, as well as the embrace of a woman who awaits the return of a hero for whom destiny does not exist, and, when it does, then it ceases to be destiny because it is the hero who decides about it.

I don’t know if I’m explaining myself, but, just in case, the best thing they can do is let themselves be seduced by the verbal fire contained in Silvio Rodríguez’s song entitled ‘El necio’; a song where the Cuban tells us how every man who knows himself to be a man has to continue playing the lost game, breaking molds and worlds, denouncing the owners of famines and borders. Otherwise, man will cease to be a man, and sanity and order, with their methodical determination, will take care of making him die.

With such a lyrical farewell, Pablo Iglesias died for a little while to continue living forever. That is why from the Single Information Channel there is not a day when they do not shoot to kill. But they rarely get it right, and when they do, we already know what happens.

To put it another way, to Pablito Iglesias feel better bullets than beer. That’s why he is more alive than before he left with the music elsewhere.

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