Monday, May 29

SimpliRoute grows in Argentina and continues betting on the local market

Throughout 2021 there was an increase in the number of successful deliveries made in Argentina, with more than two million completed. That means that between 2020 and 2021 there was an increase of 44.5% in this item, an amount not less.

However, one of the most striking conclusions in this regard points to the optimization that SimpliRoute allows to achieve with its implementation.

The number of kilometers traveled recorded by the platform experienced a significant jump: it went from approximately 6 million kilometers in 2020, to more than 14 million kilometers in 2021. In percentage terms, this translates into an increase of 125%.

Considering that the number of vehicles registered in the software did not see such an accelerated growth between both years (it increased by more than 200 vehicles), it could be said that the increase in the number of kilometers traveled accounts for a greater optimization in the planning of routes and time, which undoubtedly reflects great efficiency.

The foregoing can be explained by the fact that a greater number of companies are choosing to turn towards digital transformation in their last-mile processes, since they see the value of efficiency and optimization reflected in the reduction of costs and the increase in productivity. Customer satisfaction.

In turn, the fuel savings generated by SimpliRoute in Argentina is close to 32%. This represents a monetary and time reduction for the brands that implement this logistics solution, in addition to a considerable reduction in environmental impact by lowering their CO2 emission levels.

According to the startup’s numbers, there was a decrease of more than 300% in CO2 emission levels between 2020 and 2021. Without a doubt, this is an environmental seal that benefits all parties involved in the logistics process.

At regional level

SimpliRoute plans to land this year in Brazil and the United States, where it plans to install new offices that will be added to the existing ones in Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and its country of origin, Chile.

What began as an academic/mathematical project to reduce the arrival time of firefighters in emergencies, became a technological solution that seeks to achieve logistics efficiency for more than 177 companies in Argentina, between SMEs and large companies, as well as more than 1000 clients globally.

In this regard, Álvaro Echeverría, CEO and Founder of SimpliRoute points out: “Today, our users are mainly in different Latin American countries; this undoubtedly means diversification and exponential growth in the region, democratizing our 100% proprietary technology to a simultaneous and explosive arrival in new markets”.

Likewise, the Chilean startup raised almost US$8 million of investment for the development of its third phase of growth. With this, it hopes to continue attracting clients and continue strengthening its presence in the 26 countries of the world where it is present.