Tuesday, July 5

Single dose of blood, sweat and tears

A new virus is coming! That is spread in gay saunas! That people who menstruate are going to cause an economic catastrophe by asking for synchronized sick leave! Blood, sweat and tears have caused the latest information that has circulated in the media of all kinds, causing social alarm and failing to fulfill the journalistic duty to show all aspects of reality.

We have consumed lofty poison pills through misleading headlines (not lying, of course) that have stayed on the verge of reforming the abortion law, synthesizing it largely in the reductionist idea “there will be casualties due to painful menstruation.” These statements only intend to exalt an absurd tension without getting to the bottom of the matter: the recognition, for the first time in the history of this country, of mental health. And no, it is not a concept of social engineering, unlike that headline that sells something pre-existing as new, such as sick leave due to dysmenorrhea. The only novelty, in any case, is in how the provision of this compensation for disability is assumed.

Menstrual poverty is a reality that appeals to all women in every cycle. The rule implies a sustained consumption of products (hygienic, let’s remember) to which medicines can be added to alleviate pain that have been registered by the scientific community as similar to heart attacks. Other information: tampons or pads, 10% VAT. Viagra, 4%. Yes, yes, Viagra protected under the heading of taxes applied to medicines… because sexual health seems to be a more widely accepted term than menstrual health.

From blood we pass to sweat and tears. Monkeypox has arrived with misinformation and stigmatization under its arm. The latest headlines that I have been able to see with astonishment place a gay sauna in Madrid as the focus of the new plague of humanity. Total confusion between a coincidence and a causality. No, because you are a man who has sex with men, you do not have more chances to get infected. So why is the sexual orientation of patients brought into the headline? Haven’t we learned anything from pointing the finger at the collective in the eighties with HIV? Have we also learned nothing from the two years of coronavirus about transmission?

We need fresh air in journalism, look beyond the tweet. Other airs that do not bring winds that sow storms or doubts. It seems trivial, something that only remains in the debate in the street -or in the metaverse-, but these single doses of disinformation are costing us blood, sweat and tears as a society, more lethal than some viruses.

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