Tuesday, July 5

Siro workers in Toro (Zamora) support the preliminary agreement with the biscuit company

The workers of the Grupo Siro factory in the Zamora town of Toro have approved by majority the viability plan presented by the new investor with a total balance of 209 votes in favor, 92%, and 13 against, with only five votes in white.

In total, 227 people have participated in the vote held after the assembly that took place this Saturday at the Latorre Theater in the town, reports from the Committee.

Acceptance of the feasibility plan negotiated between the new investor and the Government of Spain is an essential requirement for industrial activity to continue at the Siro factory in Toro. However, it will be necessary for the workers of Venta de Baños to give the go-ahead for the pre-agreement to become a reality. In Aguilar there will be no voting since they gave the go-ahead to the previous Competitiveness plan.

The assembly of Grupo Siro workers in Toro was attended by the Government’s Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, who explained to those affected that “there is no alternative” to this viability plan. “Either we talk about the future, or we talk about closing”, she has expressed.

Toro, therefore, now has to wait for what the other two plants do to find out what the future holds for the nearly 300 workers affected by the poor economic situation at Grupo Siro. Employees who are already owed their payroll for the month of May and who have shown majority support for the new investor’s plans.


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