Wednesday, November 30

‘Sisu’ and ‘Pearl’, big winners at the Sitges Film Festival

the war film sisufrom Finnish director Jalmari Helander, and the horror prequel Pearlby the American director Ti West, have been the big winners of the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, which closes this Saturday after ten days of intense film marathons.

sisuwhich has won the awards for Best Film, Best Male Performance (Jorma Tommila), Best Cinematography and Best Music, is an explosive mixture between war films and ‘western’, which narrates the adventures of a soldier who finds a treasure and he faces the Nazis to get him to the city.

“There is in this film a message of resistance to a great power that has probably reached us subconsciously and we liked it”, said the spokeswoman for the jury, Mariana Enríquez. “But in the conversations that the members of the jury had about this film, it was never mentioned that it could be a metaphor for the resistance of the Finnish people against Russia,” she added, in response to questions from journalists.

The second big winner of the festival, Pearlis a prequel that allows us to know the origin of the murderous grandmother of XWest’s bloody previous film, which has been recognized with awards for director and best actress, Mia Goth.

“It may seem strange that the best film is not also the one with the best director -Enríquez commented-, but we wanted to reward Ti West because his films are getting better and better and he is going to be a well-known director in the future”.

Another of the members of the jury, Christophe Mercier, has underlined “the references to the cinema of the sixties, to Morricone and Sergio Leone”, which he has appreciated in the film, and “the symbiosis” between the director and the actress of this film, in which “Mia Goth shines”.

the other awards

They have also won important awards the Korean Project Wolf Huntingthe co-production between the Czech Republic and Slovakia Nightsiren and the Mexican-Peruvian bone basketwhich has won the Blood Window Award for Best Latin American Film and the Citizen Kane Award for Best New Director.

Nightsirenwhich has also won the Méliès d’Argent for Best European Film, has had a special mention from the jury, directed both to the director and to the leading actresses, “for the great eye and the great elegance with which they approach the witch hunts of our days”, according to Enríquez.

Curiously, the award for Best Screenplay has been divided into two ex-aequo, but both have been won by Quentin Dupieux for the films he has submitted to the competition, Smoker fait tousser Y Incroyable mais vrai.

A film that was very popular at the festival, Irati, won the Audience Award, and something in the dirtwith the José Luis Guarner of critics.

In the New Visions section, jerk has been recognized as Best Film and the director Martika Ramirez Escobar as Best Director for Eleanor will never die.

From the long list of awards, the director of the festival wanted to highlight the Anima’t award, which went to the Colombian animated film the other wayby Diego Guzman.


The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday afternoon, at a gala that will close the 55th edition of the Fantastic Film Festival that “has broken all records”, said the managing director of the festival, Mònica Garcia Massagué.

A few hours before closing, the director already has reliable data that allows her to affirm that the festival has exceeded the number of tickets sold for the best year in its history by 10.5% and the collection has broken the last record, with an increase of 6.3%.