Tuesday, January 18

“Situation of exceptionality”: Nicolás Dujovne’s excuse after the harsh IMF report

“The agreement with the IMF took place in an exceptional situation due to the drought, the rate hike in the US and the high inherited deficit. It had the support of all the IMF member countries. It was a global political support for a process of change that had begun in the country “, explained on social networks who was a minister when Argentina came to the body.


In another of the tweets, the former official said that “it is striking that the current government now does take as its own the IMF’s vision of the 2018 program, but has not been able to reach basic consensus to sign a program in more than two years management “.

And he continues with his criticisms of the ruling party: “The Kirchner government erroneously concludes that the problems of the Argentine economy can be solved by defaulting debts and imposing stocks and controls. But these have proven to be terrible instruments time and time again.”


“The stocks did not serve to rebuild reserves. In the last two years there was almost USD 30,000 million of trade surplus, but the BCRA did not stop losing dollars and today, with only USD 3,000 million of net reserves, it is on the verge of a currency crisis “, launches in another of the texts.

Lastly, Dujovne rehearses a defense to exchange management: “The Government of Mauricio Macri left the Government in 2019 with a primary balance in its public accounts, with reserves in the Central Bank and with an external surplus. The government has lived through these balances for the last two years.”


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