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Six coffee makers with different functions depending on how you prefer your coffee

“Shall we meet for coffee and chat?” It wakes you up in the morning, refreshes you with ice on an afternoon of terraces and is the meeting point of many good times. If you are reading this, you may be a coffee lover and, if you are not, surely you know someone to give one of these coffee pots it would make your day.

Some specialized in American coffee, others make you a perfect cappuccino and others are experts in cold brew. But those are only three from the list, so we invite you to continue reading and discover the infinity of coffee opportunities that exist.

For espresso and cappuccino

Do you get up to go to work just in time but can’t start the day without your morning coffee? This Cecotec coffee maker is your solution, since its high-pressure mechanism causes the drink to be processed quickly to obtain a more concentrated coffee with great flavour, essence and intensity. It prepares all kinds of coffee at the touch of a button, in addition to frothing milk, emitting hot water for infusions and heating liquids.

The arm has a double outlet to prepare one or two coffees at a time and is suitable for use with ground coffee. As if that were not enough, its surface heats the cups and includes a measuring spoon with a coffee press and the drip tray is removable for easy cleaning. You can find more versions, but this one costs 69.90 euros.

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drip coffee maker

You will know it because it is one of the most famous on the market, since it is the typical protagonist of American series or movies, although its use is so widespread that you will also find it in many Spanish homes and offices. The biggest advantage is that its use is quick and easy: a water tank, a paper or aluminum filter, a stove that heats it and your weak American coffee is ready.

It only remains to serve it with some pasta or buttered toast and enjoy! There are hundreds of coffee machines like this one from Russell Hobbs, but the difference is that this one in red tones costs 43.92 euros.

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Portable coffee maker for capsules and ground coffee

A question for coffee lovers: is there anything more pleasant than a good, freshly brewed coffee? As we surely know your answer, here we leave you the Presso X, a portable coffee maker from Caffe2go that guarantees your enjoyment in your day to day, on a camping trip or on a road trip with a delicious cup of freshly prepared coffee.

It uses a heating plate and temperature sensors, so the coffee will always be brewed at the perfect temperature. In addition, it not only works with Nespresso capsules, or with white brands of them, but it is also suitable for ground coffee. Its design is compact, it works with a battery to make your work easier and it costs 79.50 euros.

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Super automatic coffee machine

It takes the coffee beans from the compartment, grinds it, infuses it and pours it into the cup so you can mix it with freshly heated water or milk with the automatic steam function. This has three levels of intensity selection and a cup-warming plate so that flavor, aroma and cream are highlighted.

To save you even more work, it has an automatic cleaning and descaling program that includes a kit of cleaning tablets. Do not be alarmed if you find small traces of coffee in the machine, as this is because Krups coffee machines are randomly subjected to strict quality controls to guarantee their operation. This is the most expensive of all the ones on the list, although it is the ideal investment for those who want to consume coffee at its best quality for many years. Its price is 292.90 euros.

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plunger coffee maker

Its mechanism consists of immersing the coffee in hot water and, although it seems very simple, you have to bear in mind that buying a good coarsely ground coffee and that the water temperature is around 92ºC is essential to enjoy a coffee in conditions. Groenenberg created this coffee maker, one of the most requested since its thick wall keeps the coffee hot for at least an hour.

You won’t have to prepare anything extra because everything is included: a step-by-step guide and three replacement stainless steel filters. Oh, and in the event that you are not happy with this French press, they give you your money back. For 34.99 euros, you have this 0.6 liter; for 29.99, that of 0.35; and for 39.99, that of 1 liter.

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Coffee maker Cold Brew

Do you like cold coffee? This is the indicated coffee maker to prepare it yourself. The best thing about doing it with this mechanism is that you will not get an infusion of coffee or iced tea that has been left to cool, but one whose extraction has been made cold. The filter is laser-made and allows the water to flow through keeping the coffee grounds out, so the drink will be smooth, delicious and fresh.

Nothing escapes from the airtight silicone seals on this coffee maker, so iced coffee doesn’t spill or spoil. By the way! Don’t forget to serve the coffee in a glass with ice to cool you down even more on hot summer days. It’s from Café du Chateau, it’s decorated in silver tones and it’s available for 36.95 euros.

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