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Six cool ideas to reuse your leftover tiles

Whether you’ve changed the floor in your kitchen or are trying to re-tile your bathroom, chances are you still have plenty of leftover tiles walking around the house. Well, these simple and beautiful projects will give you ideas to take advantage of them, and put them to good use.

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You can do something simple, like build yourself some new coasters, and more than beautiful. Or transform a bland tray. But if you go upstairs, the leftover tiles can also be used for more ambitious projects, such as decorating cheap tables and even giving a new life to your sad bookcase.

1. Use leftover tiles as coasters

If you have a handful of tiles with a nice pattern or drawing, like hydraulic tiles, you can use them to make some really nice coasters. Furthermore, they are particularly easy to manufacture.

You only need your tile and a piece or a sheet of cork, to stick it to the back of the tile (the rough side), and be able to use your coaster without scratching the table.

First: you have to cut (and a cutter or a blade will make this task very easy) the cork sheet with the size and shape of your tile. Then, glue the cork to your tile with a little glue: if you choose a roll of adhesive cork you can skip this step. You already have ready your coasters!

2. Make a nice tray with the tiles

Those tiles that you keep can transform a cheap tray, of about five euros, into something much more stylish and colorful. Simply fit the tiles to the base of your tray, and glue them on.

If you want a finer result, you can use a little tile putty for the joints. And you can also paint before the tray of the color you choose, so that the finish is more homogeneous.

3. Do you have five tiles? Make yourself a beautiful pot

This project is as simple as it sounds: you only need five tiles of the same size (the pattern or drawing may change) to make a pretty planter; four will make up the sides of the pot and the fifth will serve as the base.

It involves gluing the edges of the tiles together with adhesive glue, one by one, so that they create a square prism, that is, a box. To make them stick better, you can help yourself with some electrical tape.

This will keep the tiles in place while the glue finishes drying. Now: do not forget to make a hole with a drill in the tile that you place at the base. This hole will serve as drainage, and will allow the excess irrigation water to come out, and not drown the plant (in fact, the plants die more due to excess water than by default). [Y aquí te contamos otras ideas para fabricarte maceteros bonitos con objetos que ya tienes en casa.]

4. Make up an ugly table with tiles

If your home renovation project leaves you with a complete package of unused tiles, this project may be of special interest to you. The reason is that you can update an ugly or old table with tiles that have a stylish and colorful pattern. And do it, in addition, for very little additional money.

A table with a raised edge will make the task even easier, since the tiles will fit perfectly to the tabletop, and you will get an even surface. But if this is not the case, the result can be just as beautiful, or you can always finish the edges with a smaller tile.

For the rest, you need tile glue and some putty for the joints. That, and a little patience: tile a table with a tile that has a pattern it is a lot like doing a puzzle; but the result will almost certainly be worth it.

5. Give a new look to a bookcase or bookcase

In addition to painting and changing the color of a shelf that you have already gotten bored of, have you thought about the effect that covering the background of the bookstore with those tiles so pretty what do you keep? What’s more: the tile pattern will give your living room a new look.

6. Decorate a vase with adhesive tiles from the shower.

When you have left over a mosaic tile type mesh or small decorative tiles (normally, they are used in bathroom renovations), you can take advantage of this material to decorate a bland vase that you have at home; and even to give a cheap planter a new look. [Aquí tienes más ideas para transformar tus macetas de terracota.]

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