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Six different types of cocoa whose flavors will leave you speechless

Valued by Mayans and Aztecs millennia ago, cocoa was called brown gold for the valuable conception they had of this food. Why did they worship him? Mainly, for being a great source of valuable minerals and antioxidants, but also for its ability to improve mood and give energy to those who consume it.

There are Creoles, Trinidadians or outsiders, although all these types of cocoa have a similar characteristic: Its flavor brightens anyone’s day. Some are more bitter for the bravest and others are sweeter and fruitier for those who want a sweet tone in their creations, but all are perfect for baking desserts, flavoring smoothies and rounding off many other recipes.

Creole cocoa nibs

These cocoa bean pieces are from PlantLife, a company convinced that the taste of nature is hard to beat, so they ferment the beans naturally, without the addition of heat or chemicals. These types of grains are more tender than whole grains, so they are ideal as a sugar-free snack for between meals or as an ingredient indicated to give tasty touches, for example, to muesli dishes.

Its differentiation lies in its Creole style, characterized by being of higher quality and less fruitful than the others and, therefore, more exclusive. Its aroma, fruity with notes of nuts; its taste, slightly bitter but refined. It is grown in countries like Mexico or Guatemala, but also in the tropical jungle of Peru, as is the case with this one from PlantLife for 24.99 per kilo.

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Cocoa powder with black maca

We go from cocoa beans to powdered cocoa, the most widely used in world kitchens thanks to its versatility and ease of use, in this case of the Creole type. As a curiosity, the Inca army used black maca to increase and enhance their energy during battles. Therefore, this cocoa made from the organic root of black maca from the Peruvian Andes will give you vitality and mental clarity, without the need for caffeine or additives.

A vegetable source of protein, calcium and magnesium whose caramel-like taste goes perfectly with a chia pudding, in smoothies or in a glass of fresh milk for the summer. All Kallpa Superfoods production, development, and shipping are 100% certified organic, fair trade, and vegan, and the best example of this is this 168g Macakao bag for €9.90.

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Trinitarian cocoa beans

Trinitarian cocoa is a mixture of Criollo and foreign cocoa. By combining the characteristics of both, it has an incomparable and more subtle flavor than any other and, in addition, it is more resistant to the diseases of the crop. Some have a flavor of hay, honey oak or fruits such as apples and melons, and their aromas are persistent and exotic, so much so that they come directly from cultivation in Trinidad and other countries in the area.

These are whole, peeled and roasted, so they can be used as a snack or, what is better, to add a few grains to coffee or tea and give it an unmistakable nuance. At Domori they have been committed to quality and tradition since 1997, when they began to give the entire production process an incalculable value thanks to which they manufacture cocoa like this 100g box for 21.32 euros.

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Roasted cocoa nibs

Here we leave you another example of roasted cocoa like the previous one, although this is in nibs, that is, in cocoa bean pieces so you don’t have to eat the whole bean. It is easier to consume, but its properties are the same, since it is rich in antioxidants and a great ally to prevent cardiovascular diseases, as long as you consume it in moderation, of course.

The truth is that the options for its intense chocolate flavor are endless: in desserts, to flavor shakes, with oat flakes or mixed with nuts, even as an alternative to chocolate candies when you’re craving. This one kilo bag of Aromatika makes your dishes happy for 17.99 euros.

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defatted cocoa powder

Defatted cocoa depends on the percentage of butter that is extracted from it and this will determine its color and personality. It is an antioxidant, it has tensoactive properties used in cosmetics, it provides energy value and, last but not least, its moderate use can help combat sadness.

For example, Koro is highly defatted, giving it a dark brown color, a bitter taste, higher density and lower percentage of fat than any other. In addition, it comes from organic farming and is as versatile as your creativity desires: as a base for hot chocolate, for delicious cakes or as a secret ingredient for chili con carne and other savory dishes. The one kilo package is available for 13.90 euros.

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red cameron cocoa powder

this cocoa red cameron It is characterized by having a very striking reddish color. However, in reality, the most striking thing is its flavor, with a resounding but pleasant nuance of chocolate due to the mixture of aromatic beans that form its base and that come from West Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Van Houten has created this cocoa with 22% cocoa butter, which gives it a powerful chocolate flavor with strong bitter notes and a smoky touch that stands out along with its dark and intense red color. A kilo of red cameron costs 12.65 euros and, if you want to continue giving your dishes a brave kick, we also leave you the deep black for 13.99 a kilo.

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