Thursday, July 7

Six fun homemade recipes to refresh your summer without lifting more than a finger

Summer is coming and what we want is fresh, refreshing, light food and drinks that relieve us from the external heat. But we do not have to settle for sugary soft drinks from the supermarket, we can make our own slushies, smoothies, cocktails, sorbets, ice creams, teas and desserts at home with basic ingredients such as water, milk, ice and fruits or vegetables and herbs or spices to give them special and unique flavors.

In this way, in addition to having homemade recipes, we will obtain a healthy supply of nutrients and avoid sugars, preservatives and stabilizers that are unnecessary for our body. Take advantage of Prime Day to get a food processor from the Mycook range or an Active Professional 1500 mixer or a My Bread breadmaker. You will see how easily summer changes you with these recipes from the Mycook community.

Orange and mango granita with a touch of cardamom

Add 30 grams (g) of sugar flavored with cardamom, four oranges (frozen and peeled), a mango and a few pieces of orange peel (without white). Grind one minute at progressive speed 8-10. Add six ice cubes and chop by giving it five turbo strokes. You can add some sweetener depending on your tastes and the sweetness of the fruit. For this granita the Mycook Touch, the first smart kitchen robot (IoT) with Wi-Fi connection, 7 ”touch screen and multi-device connection with Cloud architecture, that is, it allows communication, interaction and synchronization of information between the kitchen robot and your smartphone, tablet and / or connected computer. In addition, you will have access to the largest recipe community through the Mycook Club with more than 13,000 free and updated daily.

Matcha Latte Frappe

Insert the mixing paddle into the Mycook Touch or the Mycook Touch Black Edition, which is an identical version in terms of functionality, but this is finished in matt black instead of ultra-resistant titanium paint and with accessories in certified food contact plastic unlike the stainless steel of its predecessor, therefore, cheaper. Sift a tablespoon of matcha tea into the pitcher and, with the paddle in motion, slowly pour in 15 milliliters (ml) of slightly hot water and 250 ml of almond (or cow or vegetable) milk so that it does not form lumps. Program 30 seconds, speed 4. Fill one or more ice buckets with the matcha tea mixture and reserve in the freezer for about three hours or until frozen. Put in the jar the matcha tea cubes, 100 g of ice cubes, the milk (or water if you prefer) and a couple of tablespoons of sugar or sweetener of your choice. Beat for 30 seconds on speed 6, or until it is with the desired texture. Serve immediately. Remember that from the Mycook app itself you can make the ingredients shopping list automatically, both in the iOS and Android versions.

Peppermint sorbet with creamy lemon ice cream

To prepare this double recipe, the Mycook One, the model with the best quality / price / performance ratio of mechanical kitchen robots, although it is a mechanical robot you can access the more than 13,000 recipes of the Mycook community through the app and many other functionalities.

For the sorbet, put 100 ml of water and 70 g of sugar in the jar and program two minutes, at 120º, speed 3. Add 15 mint leaves and give the turbo twice. Let it infuse for between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on how strong you want the infusion, and then put it in the freezer until serving time.

Meanwhile, go making the ice cream: put 140 g of sugar in the jar and spray with two touches of turbo. Add the skin of a lemon, without any white part, and program again two touches of turbo. With the jar clean, place the mixing paddle, add 400 g of very cold evaporated milk and program one minute at speed 5. Add the juice of a lemon and the sugar with lemon peel that you had reserved and program 30 seconds, speed 3. Then, reserve in the freezer until serving time.

To assemble the bowl, you can put two scoops of lemon ice cream on the bottom and a scoop of spearmint sorbet on top. You can also use some mint leaves to decorate.

Fruit smoothies

Place three sliced ​​oranges in the jar of the Active Professional 1500, a high-performance professional motor glass blender that achieves the best results in seconds thanks to its high power and its 8-edge blades, which pulverize even the toughest foods. Add 150 g of chopped pineapple, an apple and two toasted cookies, add a measure of natural yogurt and four glasses of water with the dispenser.

For a Kiwi MilkshakeYou can do the same operation by introducing a kiwi and a banana into the blender jar, reserving four slices of kiwi to decorate, adding an apple with skin, since it has more vitamins, the juice of two oranges and a cookie. When you see that it has the texture you like, pour the smoothie into a bowl and decorate with the kiwi slices.

Sweet bread with chocolate chips

To take the children’s snack to the pool you can make this healthy and rich bread at the same time. With the bread oven of the Taurus My Bread Bread Maker disconnected, remove the mold (removable inner bowl). Place the kneading mixers and add, successively, a glass and a half of water, two and a half tablespoons of skimmed milk powder, two and a half tablespoons of oil, a quarter of a glass of sugar, a tablespoon of salt, three cups of flour without Prepare, sifted three times, three-quarters of a tablespoon of nutmeg, a tablespoon and a quarter of instant yeast (attention: the yeast must not come into contact with the salt). Add half a glass of chocolate coating.

Insert the mold (removable inner bowl) back into the machine and close the lid. Switch on the machine, select with program 5. Choose the weight 600g. Select, if you wish, the color of the crust that can be light – medium – dark (suggestion: dark crust). Press the start button. At approximately 23 minutes, the machine will emit a sound signal that will indicate the moment of rest of the dough an hour and a half later, and then, the large pieces of frozen chocolate are incorporated. At the end of cooking, the machine will emit a sound signal again. Disconnect, remove the mold, wait 10 minutes before unmolding and allow to cool on a rack.